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One great way to save money at the pump is to buy less at every fill-up. At just 2 gallons, our new P-Nut is about as small as a chopper tank can get. Lower fuel capacity means you'll have more time for bumming smokes and shooting the shit at every gas stop. The Lowbrow P-Nut tank features heavy gauge steel construction (tank shells are stamped from 1mm (approx. 19 ga. steel) , 1/4" NPT petcock bungs and undrilled DIY mounting tabs for custom installation. It takes a British-style gas cap for unparalleled chopper authenticity.

Nothing changes the look of your hand-built death trap like a new gas tank. Lowbrow Customs is stoked to be offering this Wassell style peanut tank. No more scouring eBay or swap meets and over-paying for an old tank that is rusty, crusty, and likely needs work to repair leaky seams. Our tanks are heavier gauge than the originals, brand new and ready to rock!

Produced in a partnership between Lowbrow Customs & Cleveland CycleWerks.

Tanks are pressure tested at the factory, but it is highly recommended you or your painter pressure test it again before painting; it's cheap insurance!

Tank Measurements: The total length is 14-1/2" (16-3/4" end of tab to end of tab), 7-1/2" tall (8-3/8" to top of filler bung), and 8-3/4" at the widest point. The tunnel measures 1-3/4" wide, 2-1/4" deep at the tank rear and 5-3/4" deep at the front of the tunnel.

Lowbrow Customs is proud to be distributed in the U.S.A by Drag Specialties. Drag part # 0701-0710

brad - 01/18/2015
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - fit, finish and price

Cons - not sure there are any

This piece is exactly as advertised. The tank is perfectly symmetrical including the mounting tabs. I'm building a Bonneville race bike from a 1970 Triumph T25 and it is a perfect fit. Use LowBrow's images and measurements to see if fits your build.
Chris hocken - 08/21/2014
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Perfect fit and finish for my bike

Cons - None

Like all the others have stated it was a perfect fit for my pre unit. Shipped with I. The week I ordered and the finish on the tank was great. Couldn't be happier
Paul Godfrey - 08/29/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - very well made, good quality

Cons - none at all

This tank is just what I needed for the look I wanted for my bike. It was shipped to me in Canada in a week. Impressive.
Wayne - 08/28/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Perfect.

Cons -

Beautiful little tank. Cannot be beaten for the price when compared to original wassels.
Beau - 07/22/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Priced right

Cons - Mounting tabs welded crooked

Tank is excellent quality with exception to the mounting tabs. Probably best to buy just the tank and make your own mounting bracket.
Magnus Roman - 04/19/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Great shape and size shipped to SWEDEN without dents!!!

Cons - Dont forget the cap!

Very nice piece, just what i was looking for... Brow┬┤s shipped to SWEDEN without dents!!!
mike - 04/14/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - fit great looked cool

Cons - none

more than pleased
zac - 03/16/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Craftsmanship, Price, Fast Shipping

Cons - none

Great little tank, couldnt have asked for anything better. Shipping to Canada took no time. Thanks guys!
Dave Laniuk - 03/07/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Decent quality.

Cons - Some ribs on the front of the tank. Its not a prefect complex radius but nothing abit of bondo cant fix.

All in all, worth the money for sure.
Dennis Smith - 03/01/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Nice heavy steel nice finish on main part of tank

Cons - Mount tabs were welded on crooked

My only complaint is that after all the fine craftsmanship on most of the tank, someone pulled a lazy when welding on the mounting tabs, and they're crooked. I am going to have either cut them off and re-do them myself, or grind them down so they are symetrical. Kind of a Bummer. 3 out of 5.
Kenneth - 02/15/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Great quality tank

Cons - Tunnel maybe a little narrow

I received this tank promptly and in perfect condition. It was just what I was after for my bike. Great style and excellent build quality.
craig levitan - 01/29/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - great product,great price,fast shipping

Cons - none

great tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad K. - 01/25/2013
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Perfect seams, nice petcock bungs, smooth finish

Cons - Forget about it!

The tank came wrapped and lightly oiled (to prevent corrosion). A quick wipe down with a oil and wax remover revealed a super smooth, expertly crafted little tank. The finish looked so nice I laid down a 2" wide stripe down the middle and clear coated over the entire tank. This is an amazing tank; can't beat it for the price. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a pnut style tank.
Kent Vanderploeg - 01/31/2012
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Looks great!

Cons - None.

Great quality and that perfect look without trying to resurrect an old Wassell. Looks great on my custom frame XS650 build.
Garrick Anson - 01/31/2012
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Awesome build quality.
Ready for a quick sanding and some paint.
Would look great on almost any chopper projects.
Won mine in a giveaway.

Cons - Not a single one.

Getting mine ready for a pre-unit Triumph bobber. Going to look great.
ryan - 01/30/2012
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros -

Cons -

Smooth like butta! Great fit...great tank
Peter - 10/11/2011
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Killer product, fit my XS perfectly Just suggest moving the Coils, though it doesnt need it.

Cons - No cap included.

Helped me finish my build, shipped right away. Killer product!
Jim Winges - 10/11/2011
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Perfect fit on the xs650
Superior quality over that of the original wassell and detroit bros replica

Cons - Could use a rubber mounted setup offered by Lowbrow.
No real cons...this tank is perfect.

I've had both the original wassell penut and he detroit bros version. This new penut is superior to both in quality, fit, and finish. And the price can't be beat. Best tank ever.
Mark Burgar - 06/23/2011
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - The beauty of it.

Cons - Dont care,they look sick.

Killer,im getting one!
Matthew Arrigo - 02/28/2011
Trinormous Star Rating

Pros - Affordable
Nicely made
Vent tube already installed

Cons - ?????

Great tank for the price, vent tube saves a lot of trouble when running a sealed cap


SKU: 001626
Trinormous Star Rating

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