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  • How-To Install The Biltwell Gringo S Replacement Shield & Hardware

    In this video, learn how easy it is to change out your Biltwell Gringo S helmet flat shield, bubble shield, and swap your Gringo S hardware kit with a custom color kit. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • How-To Install Motorcycle Grips With Otto From Biltwell

    In this video, Otto from Biltwell lays down some basic grip knowledge and shows you a couple of easy tips and tricks to install your motorcycle grips with ease and style. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • How-To Install And Care For A Biltwell Bubble Shield

    In this video, Kenzie from Biltwell shows you some tips and tricks to install and keep your bubble shield in tip-top shape. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Getdown 2015

    Is there one event that makes you so excited every year? The Lowbrow Getdown is just that for me, personally, because it marks the beginning of summer in Ohio. It's cold and snowy for 4 to 5 months out of the year here and when spring and fall hits it's full of rain. It makes it really hard to sneak in any real riding days other then summer, especially this year! The Getdown falls in the middle of July at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, in Garrettsville, Ohio. It's almost always beautiful outside Continue Reading »

  • El Diablo Run 2015

    EDR 2015 was absolutely one of the hardest runs I have ever been on. Not in the sense of distance but more of the lack of communication to the real world. No one's cell phones worked, you couldn't drink the water, and gas stations were extremely sparse. Add extreme heat from the desert to that mixture and you have yourself one hell of a run. There was a real sense of community to the whole run though. If anyone was on the side of the road, the packs would slow down and see with a simple thum Continue Reading »

  • Bike Spotlight: Brett Logan's '06 Sportster

    You may not know who Brett Logan is but you have surely seen his design work in action. Brett runs Logan Design Works and has done logos and ads for such names as Fab Kevin, Imperial House 71, Cleveland Cyclewerks, Old School Helmets and Front Street Cycle, to name a few. He is not only good at designing web and print work, but apparently has a good eye for motorcycles as well. Here is Brett's story in his own words from turning his stock '06 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 into something to take Continue Reading »

  • Look Back At Born Free 6 - Sunday

    Sunday at Born Free 6 was a lot more laid back for me personally. My friend Walter from Kickstart gave me a press pass and told me to come super early on the second day to shoot the invited builder's bikes before the crowd rushed in. I remember waking up super early that morning, excited like it was Christmas Day or something; I looked out the window and got pretty bummed. It looked like it was going to rain really hard, gloomy, and not looking like it was going to be a good day. Then I re Continue Reading »

  • A Look Back At Born Free Six - Saturday

    Born Free 7 is right around the corner and with only a few weeks away I thought to myself what better way to get stoked on the biggest motorcycle show in the states and possibly the world then relive last year's show through some photos I have never posted anywhere before. The lost archive per se, that or I was just too lazy and had no reason to put them together anywhere until now. Born Free to me is the most overwhelming and beautiful take on motorcycles, the builders, and the over all cultur Continue Reading »

  • Pinned Ohio 2015

    Soggy boots and damp muggy air, with dark grey clouds that circled over my head leaving for the occasional sun ray to peak through ever so slightly. Aromas of asian bistro filled the air and the echoing sounds of wet air cleaners coughing after they have been kicked over for the 20th time by almost every bike in attendance. Music blared in the front right corner of the Rice Paddy compound, surrounded by hundreds of parts, chassis, and scraps of what used to resemble probably some amazing and ra Continue Reading »

  • Winter Motorcycle Workshop Part 2

    My goal was to create a well insulated bay so I could work in nice warm comfort  while it was 0 degrees and below outside. Went through about 8 or 9 tubes of caulk hitting every nook and cranny, spray foam, trim, caulk and smooth the seams before painting for a finished look and to get rid of drafts. Small natural gas wall heater is in, this bay is only about 200 sq ft, this heater is good for 400 sq ft heats up the bay in 5 minutes Got a sweet lift for the bay from craigslist, air over Continue Reading »

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