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  • Pinned Ohio 2015

            Soggy boots and damp muggy air, with dark grey clouds that circled over my head leaving for the occasional sun ray to peak through ever so slightly. Aromas of asian bistro filled the air and the echoing sounds of wet air cleaners coughing after they have been kicked over for the 20th time by almost every bike in attendance. Music blared in the front right corner of the Rice Paddy compound, surrounded by hundreds of parts, chassis, and scraps of what used to resemble Continue Reading »

  • Winter Motorcycle Workshop Part 2

    My goal was to create a well insulated bay so I could work in nice warm comfort  while it was 0 degrees and below outside. Went through about 8 or 9 tubes of caulk hitting every nook and cranny, spray foam, trim, caulk and smooth the seams before painting for a finished look and to get rid of drafts. Small natural gas wall heater is in, this bay is only about 200 sq ft, this heater is good for 400 sq ft heats up the bay in 5 minutes Got a sweet lift for the bay from craigslist, air over Continue Reading »

  • Winter Motorcycle Workshop Part 1

    I wrote this up and took photos last fall of 2008 as I worked on finishing off a single car garage bay here at my shop to be used for working on bikes in the frigid winters here in Ohio. I hope this is of use to those of you who are trying to work in garages so cold your feet turn into blocks of ice and you can't close your hands, I empathize. With a bit of money for the materials and some labor, and perhaps some help from a friend, you can quickly insulate your shop and make it a much mo Continue Reading »

  • Triumph Clutch Tech - The Cush Drive

    This writeup is by Wes White of Four Aces Cycle. Wes covers an often neglected part of your Triumph clutch, replacing the cush drive rubbers. Now we are gonna go deeper inside your clutch that you ever wanted to be. The cush drive in the center of the Triumph clutch basket is made up of steel, but inside there is a steel “spider” and a series of rubber bumpers that help provide a cushion between the torque of the motor and the clutch basket through the chain. It is important when r Continue Reading »

  • Brooklyn Nick's 1967 Triumph TR6R Chopper

    From Nick: Hey Tyler and Kyle, Just wanted to send a few pics of my 1967 TR6R, as you and your site were incredibly instrumental in the completion of this Brooklyn stomper. Gotta give a big shout to Dennis and Steve over at TT Cycles in Berkeley Heights for taking me under their wing and helping fab out the tail section and mounting the springer. Too many Lowbrow parts to count, from the fuel lines to the handlebars, you guys have been kick ass! New York’s own Hugh Mackie helped me get th Continue Reading »

  • How To Radius A Motorcycle Fender

    This has to be one of the simplest, most effective how-to's I have come across. I was ready to cut slits in my fender, bend and reweld it when I found this how-to by Raz on the JockeyJournal. Radius your motorcycle fender to fit your wheels just right with some scrap 2"x4"s. As you can see this fender does not fit the motorcycle tire at all, there is no side wall clearance and the radius is way off.So here's what I do to remedy the fit. Lay the fender on the bench, get some 2"x4"s and place Continue Reading »

  • How To: Safety Wiring so you don't die a horrible skidding bloody death

    Thanks to Beaner for working up this Safety Wiring how-to article and posting it on ChopCult. It is recreated here for your viewing pleasure. Safety wiring not only keeps you from losing bits off your bike or having something important fail, such as your brakes, or having your axle come out, but it also looks real slick. The best safety wire to use is .025" steel wire. you can use .032" and it's sturdier but harder to use and whatever you safety with .025 will work just fine unless you'r Continue Reading »

  • Making Your Throttle Cable Fit Your Amal Carburetor

    This is a simple piece of advice but can be helpful. Most new throttle cables you can get for your British motorcycle with have cable stops that are too large to fit in the adjuster that is found on the top of the Amal carburetor. There is a simple fix shown here that will keep you from having loose cables flopping around where they meet the carbs. Also, being that there are often adjusters at the throttle assembly as well as having an inline adjuster, a 3rd one at the carb is quite unneces Continue Reading »

  • Speakeasy Cycles' Kawasaki W650 Bobber

    Woolie from Speakeasy Cycles sent these pics of a Kawasaki W650 that he built for Billy Joel. Very cool, those W650 motors sure look nice. Continue Reading »

  • Rich's '74 Yamaha XS650 Chopper

    "It ended up being a father son project. My dad had lots of tools and a realy nice bike lift I didn’t have to go buy, so I asked him if he wanted to help out and it kinda took on a life of its own. Basically its all new bike... Besides the obvious chopping it in half we completely rebuilt the motor, forks, brake calipers, master cylinders. Installed a new clutch, the old one was floating around in the oil... all new bearings. I also sandblasted almost everything on the bike and polishe Continue Reading »

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