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  • Lowbrow Customs Presents Q&A With JD Sansaver

    Tyler and I got a chance to stop by Flying Monkey Fabrication a few weeks ago while we were in California and hung out with the man him self, JD Sansaver. He showed us around his shop, wrapped some Christmas presents, and even walked us through his pivot steering side car he has been working on over the past few months. With warm conversations, tons of stories, a bike on the lift and two little shop dogs running around, it felt like a place we could hang there all day. JD is constantly stepp Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs Presents: Q&A With Jp Rodman

    I first met Jp Rodman at Born Free 6 a year and a half ago. I was aimlessly walking through the different tents in the vendor area when I stumbled upon a few gas tanks that caught my eye. I walked into the tent to get a closer look when I noticed Jp and his girlfriend Nikki, I said hello and asked him a little about his work. You could just here the passion come from within as he explained the process and how much he loves to paint. I knew instantly this dude was the real deal and I wanted Continue Reading »

  • Rusty Butcher - Race at Del Mar

    Lowbrow Customs is proud to sponsor motorcycle rider/racer Mark Atkins aka Rusty Butcher. Mark is well know for his crazy motorcycle riding antics on his Sportster, jumping things that shouldn't be jumped and riding where others would never think. In the past few years, Rusty Butcher has become a house hold name in the industry and the staple when it comes to Tracker style bikes. Mark is constantly pushing the envelop when it comes to riding motorcycles and he has been getting more involved Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs Presents: Q&A With Cole Foster

    A few weeks ago Tyler and I were in California for Chopper Fest.  Our friend Cole Foster had his own booth at the show. We stopped by and thought it would be really cool if he would do a small interview with us. Sure enough he was into the idea. We walked off the fair grounds towards the beach and set up a tripod by the water. We asked Cole a few questions about his shop, what he's got going on right now, and what were some of his all time favorite builds. The weather was perfect, the water m Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs At Kiyo's Garage

    A few weeks ago I had a chance to go to Los Angeles, California to check out Chopper Fest with Tyler. We decided to go two days earlier to do a small tour of some of the shops in and around the LA area in hopes to do some interviews with some of the builders and shop owners. Our first stop on our list was Kiyo's Garage, owned by Kiyo and Kat Mitsuhiro. I've only met Kiyo and Kat once before this encounter and that was at Born Free 6. I remember seeing his "Cherry Blossom" Honda CB750 race bike Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs At David Mann Chopper Fest 2015

    When you hear a chopper rolling by, what do you envision? Most people would say an intimidating bearded dude covered in tattoos at the helm of the handlebars with a half naked beautiful bombshell on the back, both without a care in the world; truly free and living their lives to the fullest. The reason a lot of these thoughts and images resinate in your brain is because you have seen them before. Dictated by a legendary artist known as David Mann, he captured the true essence of what the c Continue Reading »

  • Alp Sungurtekin - Vintage Triumph 175+ mph Record-Setting Run

    We are a proud sponsor of land speed racer Alp Sungurtekin. Alp hit an all time high speed record setting run on his 650cc pre-unit Triumph at El Mirage this past November 14th, 2015. The record he set is an amazing 175.625 mph two-way average on a 1950's pre-unit Triumph! El Mirage is a standing 1.3 mile course, meaning Alp and his Triumph went from 0 to 175.625 mph in 1.3 miles! Alp continues to push the limits and races with the passion to be on top not only in vintage Triumph, but motorc Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs 39mm Fork Shrouds - Easy Install

    Lowbrow Customs' 39mm Fork Shrouds clean up the look of your front end with real iconic style. All Lowbrow Customs 39mm Fork Shrouds include allen hardware for an E-Z bolt-on installation. This install does require you to remove and get rid of that front fender, but that's ok, your bike will look better without it. This also gives you an opportunity to clean up the lowers and shave down your fender tabs before putting things back together. Here are 10 easy steps on how to put our 39mm For Continue Reading »

  • Custom 39mm Front End With Lowbrow Customs

    This tech tip comes you from our good friend Andy at Pangea Speed on how to install Lowbrow Customs 39mm Fork Shrouds, Lowbrow Customs Tapered Lowers, and a Pangea Speed Headlight Mount to give your 39mm front end (found on Sportsters and some Dyna models) on your bike a truly custom look. Installing a custom front end on your motorcycle is one of the best ways to set your motorcycle apart from the crowd, consequently it also can spiral into a massive under taking as well.  Here at Lowbro Continue Reading »

  • The Horse Magazine - December 2015 Feature

    Our very own Todd Muller built this custom Triumph last year with a 1967 frame - 1971 engine. Todd took about 8 months to build this bike from scratch. The paint was done by our friend Steve Hennis at Flame Thrower Customs. We are honored The Horse B.C. magazine wanted to highlight Todd's talents in their latest December issue. "One of the guys here at the shop had ordered the Acme Choppers Super Narrow Springer for a project and it was never used. After seeing it lean up against the wall in th Continue Reading »

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