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  • Brooklyn Invitational 2015

    The 7th annual Brooklyn Invitational exceeded all expectations this year. Hands down one of the best shows to go to if you truly appreciate anything and everything with two wheels. The show is produced by Jessica Wertz, Jeffrey Schad, John Copeland, and Keino Sasaki. Each year they hand pick 30 incredible bikes, ranging from all styles and backgrounds. From race bikes to exotic collection pieces, choppers to even conceptual builds; this show never fails in the department of making your imagin Continue Reading »

  • Gypsy Run 9

    When you think about the East Coast in September, what comes to mind? Crisp cold mornings, leaves starting to change colors, long rain falls during the day, or even a star filled night sky by a warm fire? For me it's all of those things plus it's finally time once again for the famous East Coast Gypsy Run. On the Gypsy Run it's safe to say that camaraderie, friendship, ingenuity, and life long memories are just a handful of things you will encounter on this great adventure. Pretty safe to Continue Reading »

  • The Shop Vancouver's Spit-n-Shine 2015

    In the middle of July hails a show for the true motorcycle enthusiasts of Vancouver, B.C. Canada and all of it's surrounding areas. The Spit-n-Shine show was created by The Shop Vancouver owner T.J. Schneider. He graciously invited my wife and me out for the weekend and asked if I could display some of my photos for a pre-party the night before the main show. I'm really glad there was no reason to say no, because this was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. There was so muc Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs Master Cylinder Cover Install & Overview

    Lowbrow Customs offers a line of investment-cast aluminum master cylinder covers for a wide array of Harley-Davidsons from 1982 to 2015, for both front and rear master cylinders, and in finned or fish scale patterns. Using stock hardware and gaskets, these covers take only moments to swap out, which you can see in this install video, along with an overview showing each style and it fitted to it's respective motorcycle. Continue Reading »

  • How To Replace Your Motorcycle Handlebars with Biltwell Bars

    Our friend Walter of Kickstart Cycle in NJ shows you step-by-step how to replace your motorcycle handlebars with Biltwell (or other brand) bars. In addition to show you the ease at which you can change handlebars on your Harley-Davidson, Triumph T100, or other moto, this video also has some good basic info about 1" versus 7/8" handlebars, smooth throttle operation, and what the hell dimples have to do with handlebars. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

  • Born Free 7

    Born Free will forever be the mecca of all shows in the United States when it comes to vintage and custom motorcycles. I cheated this year and flew out but it gave me 4 great days of fun! This was my second year attending, I knew a little more about what to expect but I still couldn't get rid of that overwhelming feeling you get while walking the grounds during the days of the show. It's just so surreal to walk through a sea of bikes with license plates ranging from all over the world. I fel Continue Reading »

  • Lowbrow Customs Air Cleaner Cover for Super E & G Install

    Replacing your S&S tear drop air cleaner cover with a new Air Cleaner Cover takes only moments, as it utilizes the stock air filter element, backing plate and hardware. It will take longer to decide which of the investment-cast aluminum covers is your favorite than it will to install it! Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • The Gasbox Bolt-On Sportster Sissy Bar Install

    See how quick and easy it is to install a Gasbox bolt-on sissy bar on your Sportster. Doesn't scratch your paint, no need to remove your turn signals, just install, strap on your gear and go! Featuring Gasbox proprietor Jesse Bassett. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • DIY Tech Tips: Brazing How-To

    Learn how to braze with Lowbrow Customs' cast bungs and cast tabs. Big thanks to the Haifley Bros. and Red Chair Recordings for making this brazing how-to video for us. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Biltwell Moto Goggles Video Product Review

    Get an overview on Biltwell Moto Goggles styling, feature, usability, and see them in action in some different riding shots from the El Diablo Run. If you have ridden in rain storms or dusty conditions in sunglasses you will know that it is a bummer, add a pair of goggles to your kit and it will increase your happiness quotient multifold. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

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