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  • Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet Review & Customer Testimonials

    A handful of lucky motorcycle enthusiasts got their hands on the new Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmets during an unexpected early release. We thought it would be interesting to ask around and see what their thoughts, feelings and experiences were with this new helmet. Here are some first-person reviews from those who have gotten their hands on a new Lane Splitter. Mike Ellis wearing a Flat Titanium Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter. "So I got a flat silver Lane Splitter a couple days ago. I have Continue Reading »

  • Cross Country Trip 2016 - Part 1

    There are a few different approaches to riding motorcycles cross country but having no real game plan other than knowing you have to head west and be in Orange, California in 8 days makes for some of the best memories in life. Yes, there was a general consensus on how many miles we wanted to do per day but nothing was set in stone. This thought process really left it up to the road and the bikes to make the decisions for us on where we would end up.  Cross Country Trip 2016 To Born Free 8 Continue Reading »

  • Custom Fitting a Lowbrow Tsunami Fender to a 1982-1993 Harley-Davidson Sportster

    Lowbrow Customs' Tsunami Fenders are made to bolt directly to your Harley-Davidson Sportster from 1994 - 2016. However, for those of you wishing to run a Tsunami Fender on your 1982 - 1993 H-D Sportster it can be done with just a little bit of effort. Some tools you will need to complete this simple fab job: scribe or fine sharpie / pencil, drill & drill bits, grinder with a cut-off wheel or a hacksaw and some sand paper. This 1993 Harley-Davidson Sportster with the modified Tsunami Fe Continue Reading »

  • Get To Know - DMD Helmets

    DMD Helmets is a family-owned and operated motorcycle helmet company based out of Bergamo, Italy. Known in Italy and Europe since 2007 for their vintage style helmets that feature modern materials and safety (including a DOT-certified rating), DMD is more of a newcomer to the roads of North America.    Vintage style meets modern technology. - DMD Helmets The DMD SeventyFive full face retro helmet is DOT-certified and available now in the USA. Other models including the Rocket and Racer ar Continue Reading »

  • How To Install: Cole Foster Gas Tank On A Harley-Davidson Sportster

    Known for his minimalist approach to design and style, Salinas Boys own Cole Foster designed this low-slung gas tank to add some class to your custom Harley-Davidson Sportster. The Cole Foster Motorcycle Gas Tank fits 2007 & up Harley-Davidson Sportsters, which have Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). It comes complete with a knurled aluminum vented gas cap, and uses your stock fuel pump and gas tank mounting hardware. With a capacity of approximately 3.25 gallons you will have plenty of gas f Continue Reading »

  • How To Install: Biltwell Mini Mufflers to Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Pipes

    Biltwell Mini Mufflers slip fit over the open ends on 1-3/4-inch O.D. custom pipes to change the look and sound of the motorcycle exhaust system. A perforated steel baffle tube with fiberglass wrapping inside the Mini Muffler can be removed to change the exhaust note. Biltwell Mini Mufflers come in different 3 styles Javelin, Cannon and Stinger, with two color options, chrome and black. For this project we decided to install black Javelin Mini Mufflers onto our black Lowbrow Customs Shotg Continue Reading »

  • How To Install: Gasbox Bolt-On Sissy Bar on a Harley-Davidson Sportster

    The Gasbox Chopper Bolt On Sissy Bar for 2004 & Up Sportsters is an easy bolt-on accessory that upgrades not only the style but function of your custom Sportster. This bolt-on kit allows you to mount a sissy bar to your stock swingarm Harley-Davidson motorcycle with no fabrication or welding experience. This install takes less than 10 minutes and you are back on the road with no more worrying about how to secure your gear or give your passenger something to lean against! This is only one of Continue Reading »

  • How To Install: Custom Le Pera Seat on a Harley-Davidson Sportster

    The Le Pera Stubs Spoiler seat is an easy and stylish customization custom Sportster part that takes less than 2 minutes to install. Changing the seat on your Harley-Davidson is easy to do and will change the look and style of your bike as well as allowing you to customize it for riding comfort and use (one person versus two-up riding, cruising versus racing etc). This Le Pera is covered in the highest-grade black vinyl with color-contrasted pleats and is double-stitched with bonded polyeste Continue Reading »

  • Motorcycle Tires: Understanding Tire Sizes and Codes

    To most people, the numbers and letters on the side of their tires are cryptic and indecipherable. This guide will help you understand the codes on the side of your motorcycle tires to be sure you know which tires you are currently using, and which others will fit your motorcycle.  Typical Tire Markings A- Tire widthB- Aspect Ratio. The smaller the number the lower profile of the tire. In metric this is a ratio between height and width. ex. A 170/80 means the width is 170mm, and the height woul Continue Reading »

  • The Pan-American Project Video

    When S&S Cycles asks if you would like to build a bike around one of their iconic motors, there is only one answer, "Heck yes!". The Pan-American Project Video covers an in-depth look at all the components that make up the bike along with Tyler explaining why chose to build a quote un quote "bagger". He also talks about his favorite parts of being on the road and how The Pan-American handled the 3000 mile trip cross-country to the S&S Cycles booth at Born Free 8. We wanted to give a hu Continue Reading »

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