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  • 39mm Burly Fork Lowering Kit & Lowbrow Tapered Fork Legs Install

    In this video, Todd Muller at Lowbrow Customs shows you how to install the Burly lowering kit for 39mm narrow glide forks, as found on Sportsters and some model Dynas. Additionally, Todd goes through the easy installation of the Lowbrow Tapered Fork Legs for 39mm front ends. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Perform A Compression Test on your Motorcycle

    In this DIY Tech Tip from Lowbrow Customs, Todd shows you how to test your motorcycle's compression, and what it means. A simple compression tester which is available at most any auto parts store is all that is needed for this useful task. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Triumph Timing Cover Patent Plate Removal & Installation

    In this DIY Tech Tip, Todd shows you how to remove your old, damaged patent plate from your Triumph timing cover and install a new one. A simple method that keeps your timing cover free of gouges and scratches from prying it off with a screwdriver! Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Motorcycle Spark Plug Cap, Terminal & Boot Install

    We often get customers asking how to install the ends on their plug wires, be in one of our vintage-style Cloth Covered Spark Plug Wire Sets or NGK plug caps on silicone wires. In this DIY Tech Tip, Todd, Lead Tech at Lowbrow Customs, explains how to assemble your spark plug wires, even if you do not have the special crimpers made for the terminal ends. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Basic Motorcycle Handlebar Grip Info & Install

    Now this goes over some info that is quite basic, but everyone starts somewhere. We have gotten enough questions about getting '2 different size grips' and about the best way to put them on that we decided to make this quick video. The smaller ID (internal diameter) grip goes on the bare handlebar, and the larger ID goes over the throttle tube. We show how to install and remove (if they aren't glued on!) your grips using compressed air, though there are other ways to do it as well. Check out th Continue Reading »

  • Removing Valves From A Triumph Motorcycle Head

    This DIY Tech Tip from Lowbrow Customs shows you how to use a valve spring compressor to remove valves from your Triumph motorcycle head. This is a task that seems to be commonly feared despite being very simple to do. This is useful when preparing your head to be reworked, or even if you just want to remove the valves so you can have the head beadblasted or to lap the valves and reinstall them. Check out the Lowbrow Customs YouTube channel to check out all of our videos! Continue Reading »

  • Brass (Or Other) Exhaust Tip Installation How-To

    There are several ways you could install exhaust tips, including drilling and tapping or pop riveting them, but here is a nice easy way to install them with just a couple basic tools and hardware. Stainless hardware used in this how-to is included with Lowbrow Customs exhaust tips (available for both 1.5" OD and 1.75" OD exhaust pipes), and includes a pair of 316 stainless steel 10-32 x 3/8" button head allens and a pair of 316 stainless steel nylock nuts. The particular pipes in this article Continue Reading »

  • Fabricating A Custom Built Exhaust With A Biltwell Builder's Exhaust Kit

    This is an add-on to the first Custom-Built Exhaust Pipes How-To article by McGoo at Biltwell, Kyle at Lowbrow Customs is working on his Triumph, a '77 T140V motor in a '70 front loop with a David Bird hardtail. He is using the Biltwell Custom Exhaust Pipe Kit, which contains 1.75" OD exhaust pipe and assorted HD exhaust flanges. The same principles are used from McGoo's article, including starting at the head (in this case a piece of 1.75" tubing that fits over the exhaust spigot on the h Continue Reading »

  • Fabricating Custom Motorcycle Fork Stops

    When building a custom motorcycle you run into lots of small problems, and often how you attack these problems make a big difference in the final result. My favorite thing about a custom bike is often something really small and clean. This shows my solution to some fork stops needed for my bike, which mated a '61 pre unit Triumph front end to an earlier and different style '58 swingarm pre unit frame. The stops on the lower tree and frame didn't mate up, and I was sure I was going to dent my gas Continue Reading »

  • Cloth Covered Motorcycle Wiring Tips

    This was written and put together by Wes White of Four Aces Cycle in Pacoima, California. It was posted here with his permission, it is a great look at how to give your bike a really nice wiring job with cloth covered wire. To me nothing ruins a flashy period custom or a bike (that you just want to be nice and tidy) like that plastic covered wire and those ugly crimp connectors that get all mis-shapen and crunched when you crimp them. How about just a bike that has a big snarl of wire masquerad Continue Reading »

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