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  • History of the Harley-Davidson Sportster: Blowing Away Big Twins Since 1957

    In 1957, Elvis Presley released the hit song "All Shook Up", the first Frisbee was produced, and the Harley-Davidson Sportster model motorcycle was introduced. Known as the XL series, the Sportster is still being produced today, and it retains its status of being one of the world's most popular motorcycles. Leo Payne drag racing the "Turnip Eater" Ironhead. The Sportster is a direct descendent of Harley's legendary but sometimes-overlooked Model K series. The middleweight K model was introduced Continue Reading »

  • How To Install: Cycle Standard Blackbird Gas Tanks On A Harley-Davidson Sportster

    Today we are going to be installing a Cycle Standard Blackbird Slimline Gas Tank on a 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Most of this information will work well for installation on 86 to 03 models as well. You can refer to our tech tip on how to install a Cole Foster Gas tank if you are installing a Blackbird Gas Tank on an 07 and up Sportster with EFI for help with the fuel filter module replacement. Blackbird gas tanks fit 86-03, 04-06, and 07 and up Sportster models. Blackbird Slimline Gas t Continue Reading »

  • Harley-Davidson: The AMF Years

    Harley-Davidson: The AMF Years In the year of 1969, the Woodstock music festival took place in upstate New York, American astronauts landed on the moon, and the AMF corporation took over production of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. An AMF 1973 Ironhead Sportster chopper built by Kevin Spence. Prior to the acquisition of Harley-Davidson, American Machine Foundry, or AMF was primarily known for its bowling equipment and other recreational items. AMF basically tossed the then-financially shaky Harle Continue Reading »

  • Ten Famous Motorcycle Riders You May Not Have Known

    Discovering a celebrity's hobby behind the scenes of their movies or music can be interesting and surprising. It's even more so when the interest coincides with the reader's passion. The appeal of motorcycles stretches across all walks of life. These ten famous motorcycle riders listed below are quick to reveal their love of the freedom they feel when riding. Hunter S Thompson on a Penton, an Ohio based race bike. Hunter S. Thompson Hunter S Thompson on his BSA A65 Lightning with his son Juan Continue Reading »

  • Triumph 650 Clutch Inspection & Service

    So, you just dragged home a that crusty Triumph or Harley from some craigslist ad and you get her running. As you set out for your maiden voyage and you pull the clutch lever in, nothing happens and the bike dies. The likely answer to your problem is your clutch plates are stuck together from sitting in some Joe Schmo’s garage the past 10 plus years. Todd purchased a pretty raw 1970 Triumph 650 chopper at our last swap & meet and low and behold that same scenario happened to him. So we ar Continue Reading »

  • The History of Triumph Motorcycles

    The History of Triumph Motorcycles Triumph motorcycles are widely regarded as being one of the world's most legendary and well-respected brands of motorcycles. This esteemed line of British cycles maintains a rich and colorful history that stretches back to the early 20th century. 1950's drag racing, with two Triumphs. In 1902, the first Triumph motorcycle was produced in Coventry, England by the Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd. Prior to producing motorcycles, the company imported sewing machines and so Continue Reading »

  • Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet Review & Customer Testimonials

    A handful of lucky motorcycle enthusiasts got their hands on the new Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmets during an unexpected early release. We thought it would be interesting to ask around and see what their thoughts, feelings and experiences were with this new helmet. Here are some first-person reviews from those who have gotten their hands on a new Lane Splitter. Mike Ellis wearing a Flat Titanium Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter. "So I got a flat silver Lane Splitter a couple days ago. I have Continue Reading »

  • Cross Country Trip 2016 - Part 1

    There are a few different approaches to riding motorcycles cross country but having no real game plan other than knowing you have to head west and be in Orange, California in 8 days makes for some of the best memories in life. Yes, there was a general consensus on how many miles we wanted to do per day but nothing was set in stone. This thought process really left it up to the road and the bikes to make the decisions for us on where we would end up.  Cross Country Trip 2016 To Born Free 8 Continue Reading »

  • Custom Fitting a Lowbrow Tsunami Fender to a 1982-1993 Harley-Davidson Sportster

    Lowbrow Customs' Tsunami Fenders are made to bolt directly to your Harley-Davidson Sportster from 1994 - 2016. However, for those of you wishing to run a Tsunami Fender on your 1982 - 1993 H-D Sportster it can be done with just a little bit of effort. Some tools you will need to complete this simple fab job: scribe or fine sharpie / pencil, drill & drill bits, grinder with a cut-off wheel or a hacksaw and some sand paper. This 1993 Harley-Davidson Sportster with the modified Tsunami Fe Continue Reading »

  • Get To Know - DMD Helmets

    DMD Helmets is a family-owned and operated motorcycle helmet company based out of Bergamo, Italy. Known in Italy and Europe since 2007 for their vintage style helmets that feature modern materials and safety (including a DOT-certified rating), DMD is more of a newcomer to the roads of North America.    Vintage style meets modern technology. - DMD Helmets The DMD SeventyFive full face retro helmet is DOT-certified and available now in the USA. Other models including the Rocket and Racer ar Continue Reading »

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