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Lowbrow Customs TIG Welding Fundamentals with David Bird DVD

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TIG Machine Overview
Tungsten Sizes & Grinding
Fill Rod Feeding Technique
Machine Settings
Steel, Aluminum & Stainless
Types of Joints
Practice Methods
Filling Holes
Motorcycle Mounts
Welding Sheetmetal

David Bird takes you step-by-step through TIG welders and the TIG welding process in this new DVD featuring 'through-the-hood' close-up views of the weld beads, allowing you to see exactly how beautiful beads that look like a stack of dimes are made. With everything from a basic TIG overview to techniques for holding the torch and feeding fill rod, to techniques and settings for welding aluminum and stainless steel, this DVD is an ideal source of information for the new and experienced welder alike.

This dvd is perfect if you are already welding or are thinking about learning to weld. We were unable to find any welding dvds available where you could actually see the weld bead in progress instead of just bright light. We were able to accomplish this feat, giving you unparalleled views of the weld bead, seeing exactly how it is controlled and manipulated for a beautiful, strong weld! TIG Welding Fundamentals is a Region 0 DVD and will play world-wide.

Lowbrow Customs is proud to be distributed in the U.S.A by Drag Specialties. Drag part # 4210-0082


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If I were employed... Review by Ward Swann
If I were employed as a welder, I'd have to have some basic skills to get the job then the rest of my training would be in my own experience and learning from the experience of better welders than myself. That's not my situation though. I took a class at the local Goodwill that got me basically functional and now I'm a self taught hack in a shack out back. In the class, if you could run a half ass bead on aluminum and kind of stick some plates together you'd be doing as well as the instructor planned. When I got out of the class I knew I was welding, but I didn't know if I was welding well. I knew I had a lot of room for improvement.

While nothing beats the wizened guidance of more experienced welders, a video like this beats nothing at all by a long shot. He explains how to set up the machine in a no nonsense kind of way that really removes the mystery out of it. And of course he makes running the bead look easier than its going to be for the person watching this video. But the way this vid is shot really slows down the movement and allows you to see what's going on better than all of the youtube videos I've ever seen.

The part that REALLY helped me to get better is that for the first time he shows what the weld looks like when too much filler is pushed in (or the weld's too Cool).And he clearly explains what undercut is and why it's going to break your bike.

So if you are like me and are wanting to up your game on the TIG torch then this DVD may be worth your investment. (Posted on 7/21/2014)
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This video was very... Review by Cory
This video was very informative, I have watched it several times before practicing, it deffinatly helps, i have been learning some bad habits prior to watching this as well as not knowing alot, Tony is a PRO for sure. (Posted on 5/27/2013)
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TIG Welding... Review by Ryan Lee
TIG Welding Fundamentals is part of Lowbrow Customs’ Home Builder How-To Series of DVDs available for the purchase price of $39.95 each. It is hosted and narrated by David Bird who has been welding and fabricating motorcycles & street rods for three and a half decades. His welder of choice is the Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225, however the techniques and examples shown in the DVD will apply to most TIG welding machines.

The production quality of the DVD is professional using multiple cameras and proper lighting and sound. For example, the audio still sounds crisp and intelligible when the David flips his welding mask down and continues to narrate and teach. The best shots are during the welding operation because it gives the audience a clear view of the pool, rod feed, and speed with which a solid weld are made.

The 11 chapters’ subject materials are as follows:
Machine Settings covers gas pressure and regulator settings, DC settings (straightforward and reverse polarity), AC settings, AC balance (for penetration), pulse frequency, pedal use, postflow timer, amperage, grounding, and torch settings.

The Grinding Tungsten chapter describes how to properly shape your tungsten electrode on a grinding wheel.

The Techniques chapter encompasses different torches, tungsten sizes, how to hold the torch, how to hold the rod for good feeding into the pool, protective clothing, gloves, and helmet & lens settings.

The Welding Steel chapter talks about torch angle, pedal/pulse technique, rod feed location, and demonstrates how to tack weld a T-joint using a fillet weld. It moves on to lap joints, corner welds, butt welds, tubing welding on coped tubing, and introduces the fillet gauge, a tool for qualifying the size of your welds.

Welding Stainless shows the use of 308 stainless steel rod to weld 16 ga. 304 stainless steel into a T-joint.

In Welding Aluminum, David exhibits how to use DC reverse polarity to form a ball on the end of your tungsten tip and subsequently use AC to weld a T-joint between 0.090” 5052 grade aluminum using 5356 aluminum welding rod.

Then Silicon Bronze rod is used to weld a T-joint between steel pieces. With silicon bronze, David omits pulsing and forms a low-heat brass weld.

Practice Methods discusses various steel pieces and setup angles common to custom motorcycle fabrication.

The Applications and Troubleshooting chapter reminded me of the ever-useful Lowbrow Customs tech articles that used to show up in one of my favorite motorcycle publications. Those articles always came at the right time and were always apropos for a project I had in my garage at that time. This chapter shows an entire motorcycle frame and introduces magnets & clamps to hold tabs when welding. It reveals how to properly fill holes in frame backbones, how to weld in a gas tank bung, how to weld on a Lowbrow Customs coped seat bung (available for purchase on the website), how to weld on a coped rear fender mount bung, and how to weld a tab (for a sissy bar or fender strut, for example) onto an axle plate. Lastly, David talks about cleaning metal before welding and shows what “undercut” is and how it can be avoided.

In closing, this video will be enjoyable for just about anyone of any skill level. The beginner benefits from an overview of many facets of TIG welding whereas the advanced welder may glean only a few but pertinent tips that he would otherwise not get in normal day-to-day operation. At a price of under $40, it serves as highly educational and a great reference to keep around the shop (Posted on 5/6/2013)
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GREAT intro to tig... Review by richard cuellar
GREAT intro to tig welding. Mr. Bird speaks plainly and concisely and you can see the weld as he does it. This man is an artist. (Posted on 2/11/2013)
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This was a lot more... Review by RyanPitch
This was a lot more fun than reading a book or paying for a class. The lighting is such that you can see what's going on and I feel like the narrator gives you a lot of tips that only come with years of experience. (Posted on 12/28/2012)
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I highly recommend... Review by Brett
I highly recommend this DVD. It has actual video of the weld pool which helps to see. Great and informative. Thinking about picking up the Mig DVD next. (Posted on 9/28/2010)
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