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2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Motorcycle Enthusiasts


Lowbrow Customs Father's Day Motorcycle Gift Guide

Does the dad in your life spend excessive hours working on a motorcycle in the garage? Does he speak in a strange language, saying things like 'shovelhead', 'hardtail' or 'mousetrap eliminator'? Is there often grease under his fingernails and a faint odor of gasoline and exhaust whenever he walks into the room? This may be a shock to you, my friend, but it sounds like your dad may be a Motorcycle Enthusiast. Lucky for you, we hand-picked some stand-out items that will put a genuine smile and warm, fuzzy feeling dead center in the guts of the father you are aiming to please this Father’s Day. Starting at just $9.95, there is something for everyone. If you are procrastinator and you are worried about your package arriving in time for Father’s Day, a Lowbrow Customs gift card can solve your dilemma, as it is delivered to your inbox immediately upon checking out. 

Lowbrow Customs Riding Clears & Sunglasses - $19.95

Lowbrow Customs Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses and Clears Get hip and protect your peepers with Lowbrow Riding Glasses. Grab a set for you and for your pops.

Riding clears and sunglasses from Lowbrow Customs are a cool, affordable, functional gift. The translucent Black Moon riding clears are very useful stashed in a jacket pocket or tool roll for those times you get caught out later than you expected. There are several styles of sunglasses available (such as the classic Originals sunglasses) which are great to keep the sun mellowed out while you are knocking out some miles. Your choice only $19.95

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet - $249.95

Biltwell Lane Splitter Gloss Black Helmet The Biltwell Lane Splitter is available in Gloss Black, Flat Black, Gloss White, Bronze Metallic, Blood Red, Flat Titanium and Flat Silver.

The newest offering from Biltwell, the Lane Splitter is a modern classic featuring both style and protection, meeting both DOT and the European ECE safety standards. We can talk about features such as a hand-sewn, removable Lycra interior lining, injection-molded ABS outer shell, and audio pockets for headphones, though what most people seem to want to know is if they can get it in Flat Black or Gloss White or Gloss Black, and if they can order it now and have it by the weekend.. Yes! $249.95

Lowbrow Customs Sticker Pack No. 1 - $9.95

Perfect to slap on your moto, toolbox, truck, or on the wall at your favorite haunt.

Score half a dozen screen-printed, heavy-duty vinyl stickers in the Lowbrow Sticker Pack No. 1 for only $9.95. Guaranteed to please the motorcycle enthusiast in your life, fun for the whole family! Many other cool vintage style motorcycle stickers are also available for your perusal, as well as embroidered biker patches in many killer designs, perfect for the riding vest or jacket.

Motorcycle Gloves - $23.95 - $94.95

Grifter Kondoro Bison Gloves pictured here. Plus a Biltwell EXFIL-7 bag and Lowbrow Fuel Reserve Bottle. Solid gear for cross-country adventures!

There are a variety of gloves to choose from, leather or nylon, many colors and brands, including Motostuka, Loser Machine, Biltwell, Grifter Company and First Manufacturing. A good pair of riding gloves will protect your hands and keep them comfortable while on the road. $23.95 – $94.95

A New Motorcycle T-Shirt! Black is always in style.. - $19.95 & up

Lowbrow Customs Chopper T-Shirts Just a few of the 75+ different motorcycle t-shirts available... now!

OK, when you aren’t sure if the Dad in your life would like a valve spring compressor or new gas tank for his chopper better, you can always play it safe and default to one or two killer new t-shirts to add to his collection! With a large array from Lowbrow Customs, Led Sled, Hippy Killer Garage, Indian Larry Motorcycles and many more! $19.95 & up

Lowbrow Customs 44 piece Builder’s Steel Bung Assortment - $149.95

This steel bung assortment is a huge time-saver in the garage, saving many hours of machining and threading to create this collection of useful fabrication parts. Used for everything necessary when building a custom motorcycle (or hot rod, off-road vehicle, or anything else for that matter), these mild steel bungs can be used to mount a gas tank, fender, oil tank or exhaust, just for some examples. A very useful, practical gift for that gearhead who loves building things in the garage! There are also other bung assortments of varying sizes available. $149.95

Whiteknuckler Brand USA-Made Knives, Blankets and Gift Box Sets $89.95 - $179.95

Whiteknuckler USA made Knives Blanket Rolls and Gift Boxes Whiteknuckler Brand knives, trucker blankets, and gift sets are hand made in Ohio, USA.

If you are looking for a unique, heirloom-quality gift be sure to take a look at the Whiteknuckler Brand line of goods. All are hand made in the USA, from the woven (not printed!) USA-wool Trucker Blankets with leather harness to the assortment of knives with heavy-duty sheaths and the all-in-one Box Sets (even the wooden boxes themselves are hand made here!). Built to last and sure to please!

Biltwell EXFIL-7 or EXFIL-80 Bag - $69.95 - $199.95

Biltwell Exfil-7 and Exfil-80 Motorcycle Bags The EXFIL-7 shown in green and the EXFIL-80 shown in black.

Proving themselves immensely useful, the EXFIL series of motorcycle gear bags have been created over the last few years by the fine folks over at Biltwell. Known for their helmets and their no-BS sense of design, the EXFIL bags from Biltwell stay true to form with their clean style while being chock full of useful features. The EXFIL-7 Motorcycle Bag is great for mounting to a sissy bar, back luggage rack, or on your front fork or handlebars. Large enough to hold all the basic necessities you need to access while on the road, but small enough to mount in a variety of locations. The EXFIL-80 Motorcycle Bag is a turn-key solution to packing for a weekend motorcycle camping trip or a multi-week, cross-country adventure. This bag straps to your sissy bar and will hold everything from extra clothes and food to your tool kit, while giving you a comfortable back rest and keeping your gear dry and protected from the rain. $69.95 - $199.95

New Motorcycle Grips - $17.95 - $129.95

Lowbrow Customs Motorcycle Grips Motorcycle grips in a wide variety of flavors that will suit a vintage, stockish motorcycle or a full-on chopper as well as everything in-between.

A quick and easy upgrade, swapping out your motorcycle handlebar grips is a fun way to tweak the look and feel of your bike. With dozens of styles and colors available, there is something for everyone at Lowbrow, from mild to wild! Offerings include grip sets for 1” handlebars as found on Harley-Davidsons as well as for 7/8” handlebars such as those on vintage Triumph, Honda, Yamaha and many other Japanese and European motorcycles. $17.95 - $129.95

Lowbrow Customs Gift Card - $20 & up

Not sure exactly what the right gift is? Can’t decide between gloss black, flat black, or extra black? Waited too long and now your order wouldn’t arrive in time for Father’s Day? No problem! Snag a Lowbrow Customs Gift Card in any amount you choose and have it delivered electronically to your email immediately upon checking out! Available in any denomination you want.




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