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Best Triumph Motorcycles In Recent Years

When it comes to British made bikes, Triumph is king. Although the company has certainly experienced its share of trials and tribulations over its rocky history, they have managed to make quite a few bikes. Here's a list of the three coolest Triumphs in recent memory.

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The Daytona 675 (2006 - 2012)


Triumph upped their game with this 675cc Daytona, looking to compete with the Japanese race bikes that had been becoming very popular for years, especially with the younger demographic. Former Daytonas offered inline fours in either a 600cc or 650cc motor, but Triumph replaced this with a 123bhp triple. The new and improved Daytona had little in relation to its predecessors, and became very popular very quickly.

This Daytona is known for its loud and powerful growl, and still can handle a sharp curve or two without any problems. Triumph had combined just the right
amount of power and handling with the Daytona 675, and sales backed that up in almost no time at all.

There are a couple downsides, as with most motorcycles it is hard to please everybody. The one downside we hear a lot about this bike is that it is not exactly the most comfortable ride. The way the seat is set up it puts a lot of force on the wrists. The clutch is also known to be a little tough to work with as well. All things aside, though, the Daytona 675 was a pretty badass ride.

The Tiger 800 (2010 - present)


In 2010, Triumph launched the updated Tiger 800, which is currently one of Triumph's best selling motorcycles. This bike took the 675cc engine of the Daytona, but with a longer stroke. The bike quickly became a popular alternative to similar strew bikes such as the BMW F800GS. It ironically has even competed with some of the bigger bikes that Triumph makes themselves, as some riders are realizing the Tiger 800 is has plenty of oomph to offer for an engine of its size.

The Tiger 800 is known for its exceptional handling capabilities, smooth running engine and slick transmission. Contrary to the Daytona, its extremely comfortable and for the price, you'd be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck. Of course, most of its criticizers simply wish it had a bigger engine, but if that is your gripe you would probably be better off with a 1200 Tiger Explorer or something in the 1200cc line from another company.

The Tiger Explorer 1200 (2012 - Present)


Released to compete with the BMW GS, the Tiger Explorer 1200 launched in 2012. This bike is built for big adventure and is completely unique to the Triumph line. The bike is not based off of any previous models and was basically engineered from scratch.

For a stock bike, the Explorer is practically perfect. It features what many have said is the perfect balance of power, reliability and comfort, putting out 135 bhp with its 1215cc triple and nearly 90 kb-ft of torque. It also features some electronic riding aids to keep you even safer and makes riding even easier.

Of course, no bike is perfect and no motorcycle company will ever release a motorcycle that pleases everybody. Critics of the Tiger Explorer 1200 cite its immense mass, weighing in at nearly 575 pounds, as its biggest downfall. Of course, with all that power, who cares?

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