Biltwell People's Champ 2019 - Teaser

The People's Champ Trophy!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the People’s Champ party. Doubling as the kickoff party to Born Free, attendees convene on the Cook’s Corner Bar a few miles away from the grounds of Born Free, to witness who will be crowned the newest champion of the people. Who are these builders? They are up and comers eager to prove their ability by creating a one-off custom motorcycle to then have their work judged by the partygoers. This year's 6 pack of finalists James Juarez, Matt Pontano, Suzy Pilaczynski, Ben Jefferies, Caleb Denton, and Nick Busby.

James Juarez
Suzy Pilaczynski
Ben Jefferies
Matt Pontano
Caleb Denton
Nick Busby

This year’s event changed hands from Show-Class Magazine to Biltwell. With the new organizer at the reigns the presentation was upped and the party went off without a hitch. A little bit of wet weather couldn’t stop the crowds from showing up and riding in. Per usual the whole intersection was swamped with bikes parked along the country road. People packed the restaurant, outdoor bars; show area and the picnic tables above until the winner was announced. Nick Busby took it all home this year People's Champ and $7500! The very next day even got an invite to Yokohama from Mooneyes. Also, congrats to the runners up of this year’s competition, they all took home a runner up prize of $500 each.

Read the full story coming out in Lowbrow Customs Weirdo issue 8 coming out at the end of summer.

Words and photos by: Ryan Loughridge

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