Bonneville Speed Week 2018 - Team Lowbrow Documentary

With this documentary, my goal was to give the viewer an insider look at Team Lowbrow 's efforts at Bonneville Speed Week 2018. With a little bit of experience attending Speed Week previously in 2017. I found there was a rollercoaster of emotions that surrounded not only the racer but the entire team. This resonated with me over the past year and I continued to think to myself not many people have truly witnessed this in the same way I have. With that in mind this year, I tried my hardest to capture the "in the moment" type scenarios that were in front of me all while trying to give the viewer a first person type vision on what it feels like to see the struggle, the relentless determination and the success that would come to each of the racers and their crews. I think the best part about this entire documentary to me is how everything unfolded. There wasn't any made up or pre fabricated story lines. There were no re-shoots. Hell, I even made up the questions for the interviews as we were doing them. Everything happened the way it happened and I feel like this was as true as it gets. I hope you enjoy this film and that it brings you some real perspective on Team Lowbrow and their time at Bonneville Speed Week 

-Mikey Revolt

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