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Bike Spotlight: Brett Logan's '06 Sportster

You may not know who Brett Logan is but you have surely seen his design work in action. Brett runs Logan Design Works and has done logos and ads for such names as Fab Kevin, Imperial House 71, Cleveland Cyclewerks, Old School Helmets and Front Street Cycle, to name a few. He is not only good at designing web and print work, but apparently has a good eye for motorcycles as well.

2006 Custom Harley Sportster

Here is Brett's story in his own words from turning his stock '06 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 into something to take a second look at:

"There's one that shows the bike the day I brought it home ... it was originally an 06 883R. I spent a lot of time on Craigslist trying to find the right Sportster to start a build but ended up having to drive from Kansas City to Tulsa, OK for this bike. The seller wasn't asking too much plus he had done some nice work to the motor ... This bike is crazy quick.

2006 Custom Harley Sportster

I had been collecting parts and wanted to see what I could do myself since I never really grew up wrenching on anything. I'm creative by nature and profession so I had a certain vision but at the same time I really had no idea of what I was capable of doing. I got some of the parts on trade ... trading my time doing design work for their time doing their craft ... like the shaved fork legs (Mr. Crown's) and the seat (Iron Horse Leather). Joel hooked me up with a bracket to help mount the CCW tank ... I called him with some measurements and he spun up a nice little piece and shipped it, pretty cool of him. Juan Carlos (John) helped me to get the cowbells to work.

2006 Custom Harley Sportster

I had previously picked up a wrecked Nightster then sold the frame and motor to this guy who was really thankful for the price so he came by one day and welded up Joel's bracket. That Nightster's wheels ended up on this bike although I had to have a shop fab up some spacers to make the rear wheel work ... SAE changed to Metric, thanks HD. Bars were done on trade from Craig at Front Street Cycle. Pegs were on trade from Taber at Nash Motorcycle but weren't clevis style so I had to figure that deal out. As everyone knows who's done anything like this, each thing you want to do that's outside of the normal catalog purchase creates a problem to solve, which is part of the fun of it. Bunch of other trade went down but not sure if those (somewhat large) companies want me talking about it, ha!

2006 Custom Harley Sportster

This was a lot of fun but once finished I realized I had just built a bike that only I can ride ... my wife was less than happy. We went out for a ride with her family, them on shiny new big twins and us on my little, unpainted Sportster. They were already giving me enough grief for running with no turn signals, no speedometer/odometer, and barely any suspension with my wife riding a p-pad. Then of course I run out of gas ... man did I hear it after that! I love the bike and if I could have two I would definitely keep this but as it is that's not a possibility to it's about to go up for sale."

2006 Custom Harley Sportster


One thought on “Bike Spotlight: Brett Logan's '06 Sportster”

  • I have a 06 883 Sportster as well, love her but . . . not that tall skinny front tire. I dropped the rear 1 1/2" and would like to put a rim and tire I bartered for that is a little bit shorter and wider. Everywhere I have researched says that size is what should be left on it for safety reasons. Not good not enough! Did you have to change your forks? This is my first Harley, I had an 08 900 Kawasaki for years and miss it, but always wanted a HD.

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