Flat Out Friday is an indoor flat track racing series in a stadium type setting that kicks off the Mama Tried show weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It started 4 years ago by a man name Jeremy Prach. I've been fortunate enough to be able to witness each of the Flat Out Friday races and though I always think it's going to be the same, the outcome of the night becomes wildly different and leaves a huge smile on my face. It's just one of those events that just gets you pumped for the rest of the weekend. With high action racing in multiple classes, random drumming bunnies, loud music coming from different hallways, a guy getting thrown through a table, a cb750 lawn mower, thrills, spills and much more, it really is never a dull moment.

Loading in on a brisk 5 degree day.

The Gorgeous one they call Greg and I walked to the Panther Arena bright and early Friday morning. I specifically booked a close hotel so we could walk to the arena. Let me just say that .4 of a mile felt like forever in the brain freeze winds of Milwaukee. As we walked up we noticed everyone waiting in line to register and sign in. We checked out a few bikes as we walked in front of everyone to sneak by and go in the side door. I felt a bad we were cutting everyone, but we wanted to make sure we could lay out a bunch of free stickers, patches and other Lowbrow swag for racers. After laying out all the swag we walked around the pits for a while, checking out more bikes and meeting up with friends we haven't seen in a long time.

These XR750 Gast tanks for Sportsters look killer when painted up right.
MMMmmmMMm Flathead. This flathead was racing in the brakeless class. Grip it and rip it.
It was really cool to see our Lowbrow Customs Tsunami Fenders all over the pits on a wide variety of Hooligan bikes.
Greg and I walked through the pits and saw a bunch of guys shaving the rubber on their tires down for better traction.
Race prep, sprocket changes, it's rad to see everyone in the pits lending a hand and helping each other out.
Our Lowbrow Customs 2 into 1 by Kerker Hooligan exhaust in all it's glory!

After a quick bite at a local pub we rushed back to the arena to catch the remaining prelims. Amateurs and professionals were wiping out, throwing sparks and sliding through hay bails. The day eventually turned into the evening and people started to file into the arena. As I looked around from the center of the track, more and more seats filled up and the crowds roar got louder and louder.  It's a feeling like no other and I wasn't even the one racing. I can only imagine the excitement each racer feels ripping around the track hearing the crowd scream as they pass the next guy or gal. Heat after heat, bikes wizzing by the tight circle track, it's easy to get lost in it all and lose track of time.

Practice runs getting officially timed.
Hey man you lost your exhaust clamp!
A new class this year was the women's Hooligan class. It was really awesome to see my friend Malary Lee taking the track.
Out the gate!
New this year to the Boonie mini bike class was a "GET IT" ramp off of turn 4 which made for some exciting jumps.
T-Bone rippin it up!
The Butcher aka Mark Atkins showing off for the crowd.
Flat out Friday first wedding!
Kids races pulling at the heart strings.
What getting f*cked up looks like.
Says it all about the scooter class.
Pros getting low and wild.
Lady carnage!
Goof ball class is utter anarchy every single year. I'm not sure its even really a race.

Rather then bore you with more words I'll just leave it at this. Flat Out Friday is just good old fashion fun entertainment for the whole family. You will go home smelling like race gas, burnt rubber and see something you'd never thought you'd see. Every outcome is different and racers competing are truly there to have some fun. I can't say it enough, but if you haven't gone to a Flat Out Friday event yet, put it on your calendar and make sure not miss the next one that goes down! I promise you will leave a better human!

Words & Photos by: Mikey Revolt

Thats a CB750 lawn mower!
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