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DMD Helmets is a family-owned and operated motorcycle helmet company based out of Bergamo, Italy. Known in Italy and Europe since 2007 for their vintage style helmets that feature modern materials and safety (including a DOT-certified rating), DMD is more of a newcomer to the roads of North America. 


Vintage style meets modern technology. - DMD Helmets

The DMD SeventyFive full face retro helmet is DOT-certified and available now in the USA. Other models including the Rocket and Racer are ECE (European) certified, and DOT versions will be available in the USA at Lowbrow Customs by late 2016. We interviewed native Italian Danila (one of the D's in DMD as you will find out below) about DMD, their roots, development process, and what else they have in the works. 

Can you tell us about DMD’s history and how it all began? 

In 1975, AMILCARE (our dad), set up a company, called NORDWEST, whose core business was importing the main helmets brands like BELL, SHOEI and GPA.
In 2007, thanks to the know-how and the experience acquired during last 20 years, Amilcare and his son Davide decided to become a real helmet producer developing a new helmet brand called DMD.
How it all began:
Amilcare, with his son Davide, went to a warehouse where products commercialized in the 70's were archived. It was there that Davide had the idea to develop a remake of the helmet used in the 70's as the shape of the helmet was cool and the vintage helmet business was a niche no one had taken into consideration and still uncovered.
Today DMD is the market leader in the Vintage helmet business because it found the way to improve the original 70's shell design, matching it with all the modern safety standard.
DMD's classic 3/4 helmets. Lowbrow Customs - DMD helmets DMD's classic 3/4 helmets. 
What does the name DMD stand for?
DMD represents the acronym of the name of three siblings: Davide, Michela and Danila.
What is DMD’s overall vision and stance on safety when it comes to motorcycle riders? What makes your helmets top-quality?
DMD really cares about the safety of its bikers as we are bikers too and we try to give the best quality we can to our customers!
Our products are first of all characterized by quality and safety and, only after that, come style and design.
The helmet is protection, so the first thing to focus on the development of a safe shell, that can resist as much as possible to the impacts. 
That is why our helmets are made in fiber glass and carbon kevlar as they represent noble materials very resistant and light.
Also the inner covering is studied carefully in order to offer the maximum comfort to people, like us, who ride a lot.
Our staff worked very hard on the dimension of the helmet in order to get the smallest homologated helmet with a perfect fit and a maximum compactness.
A bigger shell makes the face look bad! With the DMD Vintage helmet the motorcyclist does not hate to wear the helmet anymore.
What is your development process like?
Production step:
1. Engineering, the helmet is just a mathematical model;
2. Moulding of the outer shell is made of composite fibres (fiber glass and carbon kevlar);
3. Assembly of the various components of the helmet;
4. Testing;
5. Developing graphics and then decals on the helmet.
Where does the inspiration and ideas come from, does it start as a sketch, a computer rendering or somewhere else?
All started from a sketch and any further ideas come from all our travels around the world. 
We usually develop the first sample using airbrush or paint brush in the way to get a real view of the end product. Once the design has been approved we develop decals.
Nothing is casual, everything is studied in details by me and Davide. Every year we decide a general theme that is then communicated to the different artists who work exclusively for DMD. 
Can you talk a little about the evolution of your designs and how you have changed with even more innovation and style since you started?
The style has changed a lot with respect of the first graphics introduced in the market. We went from comics inspired graphics to Mexican skulls, to the world of old school tattoos, till nowadays opting for a clean style using lines or squares.
We study the market and we try to understand its direction each year in order to offer to our customers different and new graphics. 
Many times we listen to our customers’ advices. 
Many of them collect our helmets as real art pieces.
The SeventyFive by DMD. Lowbrow Customs - DMD Helmets The SeventyFive by DMD
What are the roads like in Italy and where is the best riding?

- Amalfi Costa and South Italy
- Tuscany and Umbria
- Italian Alps and the Dolomities
What is your favorite helmet DMD makes and why?
Our favorite helmet is the Woodstock model as it was our fist model made by custom paints  and it was love at first sight! It embraces all the significant elements of the 70’s that are for us a great inspiration source. Our intention was to let people live again the legendary seventies.
And then the name Woodstock leaves a strong impression on people’s minds.
What’s the next big thing for DMD? Any new releases or things you can share?
New helmet coming but its still a secret. We can’t wait to share it with you soon. Stay tuned!
Dmd Woodstock Helmets spotted at Wheels and Waves 2. Lowbrow Customs - Dmd Helmets Dmd Woodstock Helmets spotted at Wheels and Waves 2.



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