How To Install: A Gasbox Tall Chopper Bolt-on Sissy Bar on a 04-up Harley-Davidson Sportster

Gasbox now has 2 styles of their amazing bolt on chopper sissy bars for 2004-up Harley-Davidson Sportsters. The O.G. Bolt On Chopper Sissy Bar that measures in at 20" from base to the top and a Bolt on Chopper Sissy bar Tall which measures in at 24 1/4". In this short tutorial you can see how easy it is to install one on your bike. So follow along with Todd, get that sissy bar on, strap some bags to it and go for a ride!

Comparison in height between The Gasbox Tall Chopper Sissy Bar (left) and the OG Chopper Sissy bar (right)
If you remove the lens caps off your stock turn signals this will allow easier access to your bolts.

Step 1: If you are still running stock turn signals and or keeping them. The lens that covers the bulb will be in the way of the rear strut bolts. Remove the lens gently by putting a flathead screw driver in the small slit of the lens and turn signal body. Rotate the screw driver and the lens will pop off and give you clear access to the rear bolt of the strut.

Use a T40 to remove the 4 bolts from the strut.

Step 2: Using a T40 torx bit, remove the stock bolts from the struts. The front two struts you will find a flange lock nut that secures the bolt, you can fish a 1/2 inch wrench on the inside of the fender to help loosen the bolts. On the rear bolts you will find two funky tabs that lock into the inside of the fender that secure the bolts. Please do not discard these nuts and funky tabs because you will be reusing them with the supplied bolts from the kit on install.

You may have to spread open the sissy bar a little to fit over your seat and fit on the struts.

Step 3: By spreading the bottom plates of the sissy bar over the struts, line the up the bolt holes front and rear.

Step 4: Install the supplied bolts into the four holes. Using the longer ones in the front two holes and the shorter ones in the rear. Reuse the flange nuts with a 1/2" wrench on the front bolts and reuse the funky tabs on the rear bolts. We highly suggest using some blue Loctite on these bolts when installing.

Reuse those funky tabs!
Using your hand you can hold the funky tab in place while you tighten down the bolts.

Step 5: Pop your lens caps back on to you turn signal housings.

BAM! It's that simple. Now go for a ride!

All Done!
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