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How To Install Tapered Roller Neck Bearing Conversion

This shows how quick and easy it is to install a tapered roller bearing conversion kit on your Triumph or BSA motorcycle. It is a nice upgrade from stock, we also have bearing kits to put a 1" stem front end (springer, HD big twin or sportster) on your Triumph or BSA.

Once you remove the front end off of your Triumph or BSA motorcycle you will likely have the stock races and loose roller bearings that will fall all over the floor and roll out of site. A nice upgrade, which also makes installing your front end very smooth, is a tapered roller bearing conversion kit. These modern bearings and races will give you smooth steering and will last for many years. In addition to being an upgrade for stock frame / front end combinations, we also produce bearing conversion kits to fit any front end with a 1" stem (many girders and springers, HD big twin and Sportster forks) to your Triumph or BSA motorcycle.

Shown below is the stock top race with a few remaining ball bearings.

The stock races have to be knocked out of the neck. There is one both top and bottom. A long drift held at an angle so it will catch the inside lip of the race makes the job easy (usually). Sometimes they can be seated really well and take a good amount of effort to remove. Move the drift around as you knock it out so it comes out evenly to make it easier.Once you remove the stock races, you will want to place your new tapered bearing races on the neck, and using a deadblow hammer or a piece of wood and a hammer, drive the race into the neck.Before you insert your bearings you want to pack them with grease. Work them around in your hand and really get it in there, you want to get the bearings thoroughly greased.Depending on what bearing set you are installing, the dust cap would go over the top bearing, and you slide your forks in from the bottom. It can be much easier to install your forks if the front wheel is off of them. Also, if you are rebuilding your front end, you can put the trees on the frame, then insert your fork legs.


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  • I brought a Tr6 triple tree from dogger something in cali he did not have all the bearings but he told me about your website and it looks like your timken tapered bearings are just what I need do you sell them or have a part # I need any help I can get thanks

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