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How To Mount A Chopper Oil Tank

Kyle photographed his progress as he installed an aluminum oil tank on his Triumph, and wrote up this nice article showing just one way you can mount a custom oil tank on your chopper or bobber project.

Installing an oil tank on your chopper or bobber project shouldn't be feared, with some basic shop tools and a welder this is a couple hour project. This aluminum oil tank and finger mounting tabs which consists of a steel tab, rubber grommet, sleeves and bolts.

Initially I played with a few different mounting options and in the end decided to do something a little more complicated but cleaner looking in my opinion.

I did this very low tech, using a hammer and a vise to bend the brackets to my desired angle after some careful measurements to make sure they lined up right where I wanted them.

I then cut the brackets to match the angle of my frame rails and used an angle grinder and file to radius the bottom bracket to fit against the downtube, as you can see in these early mock up photo. A side note, I got a reminder why grinders have guards, but whats a motorcycle build
if you don't bleed a little?

After positioning them and tacking them in place I test fit the oil tank, and happy with the results did my final welding. I took special care to weld small beads and let the brackets cool before continuing so I did not warp the thinner brackets.

After the welds cooled I then installed the rubber grommets and sleeves. I then put the tank into position, put on the supplied caps and hardware and my oil tank was mounted! Here are a few photos after the bike was painted to show how the final product turned out.


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