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Installing a 1982 - 2003 Sportster David Bird Hardtail

The following instructions show the installation of a hardtail on a 1982 - 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle frame. David's innovative design is easy to install and looks great. David Bird hardtails and all provided hardware is made in the U.S.A. As always, all work should be completed by an experienced fabricator, and all welding should be done by a certified welder!

STEP 1: Start by striping down the rear of the frame including swing arm and the two bottom transmission bolts. Using a reciprocating saw or cut off wheel rough cut where shown in red.

STEP 2: Grind and smooth around seat area to remove all of the old rear frame section.

STEP 3: Remove the stock exhaust hanger.

STEP 4: Grind and smooth as show here and where all welding is to be done.

STEP 5:. With the bottom frame rails level measure up 3-3/8" from the center of the swing arm pivot to a level line. From where this line intersects the frame tubing mark a line and cut or grind at 38°

STEP 6: Position the hardtail and reinstall the bottom transmission bolts. This bracket is to be welded all around where it contacts the frame tubing. (DO NOT WELD UNTIL STEP 9)

STEP 7: Match drill thru the front top hole using a 3/8" drill and install the supplied bolt and nut. This is for locating only, and this hole and the rear hole must be plug welded after all other welding is complete.

STEP 8: This hardtail is supplied with plates to close off and strengthen the top area where the hardtail connects to the frame, only install these plates after all welding underneath is complete.

STEP 9: All other welding can now be completed.

STEP 10: Wipe that grin off your face, finish up the rest of your bike and go RIDE!


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