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Installing Biltwell Foot Pegs on Late Model Harley-Davidson Forward Controls

Instructions by Biltwell: Harley-Davidson has seen fit to lengthen one leg of the clevis fork on certain late-model forward foot controls. This is the case on the 2011 48 Sporty we used to photograph this how-to, and it might apply to your bike, too. Follow these tips and you'll be able to install Biltwell Sanderson Foot Pegs or any other Biltwell foot pegs on your freedom machine in no time.

STEP 1: Remove the foot pegs on your bike. Doing so will reveal a clevis fork that looks like this: Too long on one side, just right on the other.

STEP 2:The too-long clevis fork prohibits the Biltwell male clevis from sliding all the way into H-D's stock clevis fork on some models. Note how the holes on H-D clevis fork and Biltwell male clevis don't align. Careful grinding will fix this.

STEP 3: Using a straight edge like the end of the steel ruler shown here, mark the longer of the clevis forks with a Sharpie. Keep your mark on the same plane as the opposite side so the new peg will fold correctly.

STEP 4: Detail of too-long H-D clevis fork end marked for grinding.

STEP 5:. Using a flap disk on a 4" die grinder, carefully shorten the clevis fork you just marked so that it is the same length as the opposite clevis fork. After grinding the fork to the appropriate length, carefully radius the top edge of the shortened clevis fork so the Biltwell male clevis will rotate upward. Do this in small increments so you don't remove too much material from the original H-D component. Double-check your work throughout this process by inserting the hinge pin through the clevis fork and into the Biltwell male clevis, then fold the clevis upward. When the foot peg folds upward completely without binding, grinding is finished.

STEP 6: Install the Biltwell male clevis onto your modified H-D clevis fork by inserting the hinge pin and fastening it securely with the snap ring. Put a few drops of medium Loc-Tite onto the foot peg shaft of the Biltwell clevis and slide the peg onto the male clevis. Add another drop of Loc-Tite to the Allen cap screw that secures the peg to the clevis, making sure to adjust peg angle first before tightening the Allen cap screw. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for the opposite foot peg. Straddle the bike with both feet on the pegs to make final adjustments, then re-tighten both Allen cap screws to lock pegs into place.


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