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Jonny's CB750A Chopper Part II

"Juan is my first build. It started as a Craig's List 1976 CB750A Hondamatic. Got the frame, carburetors and, speedo from Ken @ Cycle X. Rims are Excels rims off of eBay, 5.5x16 rear, 2.5x19 front, laced up with some Buchanan's spokes to the original hubs that I buffed up on a Harbor Freight $39 buffer. The rims went together easier than I thought they would. Running a Metzler 180/70x16 out back and a Bridgestone 90/90x19 up front.

The seat is an Anvil Customs that I found on ebay sitting on springs and fittings from Lowbrow Customs. Pipes are Vance and Hines CB900 pro-pipes. Attitude Painting in Pinellas Park did the tank and fender while Bothers Powder Coating of New Port Richey did the frame and trees. Motor is still stock with just a spray can overhaul and the ignition switch stuck through the side cover. Hell the thing started on the first crank after sitting for a year.

It took a year to put together in my garage. Its not quite a Bolt-on-Betty, making all the parts play nice together meant a lot of assembling, disassembly and grinding, oh and a lot of cussing and sweating. The hardest part was lining up the motor and rear tire then squeezing in the chain between the frame and back tire. Rode it as a rat far a week or so before blowing it apart for powder and paint. The two speed automatic is great fun to ride."

1976 Honda CB750A chopper


1976 Honda CB750A chopper


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