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VIDEO: Lowbrow Customs Air Cleaner Cover for Super E & G Carburetors Install & Overview

Replacing your S&S tear drop air cleaner cover with a new Super E Air Cleaner Cover takes only moments, as it utilizes the stock air filter element, backing plate and hardware. It will take longer to decide which of the investment-cast aluminum covers is your favorite than it will to install it! This is one of many options available at Lowbrow to swap out your Harley air cleaner for a cooler option.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi, I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs here to show you our cast air cleaner cover. This replaces the real common teardrop cover on an S&S Super E carburetor. This air cleaner cover from Lowbrow Customs is investment cast aluminum. It uses the stock hardware as well as a stock backing plate and air filter. Extremely easy install, takes you about two minutes. This features a really nice front shield. It's a good rain guard while it leaves the filter element exposed on the back side. It gives a definite bit of added flair and style compared to the stock setup. I'll show you how to swap this up. For this job, all you'll need is a trusty Phillips screwdriver.

These bolts can be tightened down pretty hard, so if you have a nicer screwdriver, it has a hex on it, you might want to use a wrench to help break it loose. We do suggest putting some blue Loctite back onto the same hardware when you reinstall the new cover to ensure that it doesn't rattle loose, have you losing your hardware while riding down the road. You simply remove the three stocks screws and remove the cover. You can see there's the stock filter, now is a good time if you want or if it needs to clean that or replace that and the stock S&S backing plate as well. That all stays in place. Take your Lowbrow Customs air cleaner cover, simply line up the holes and install the same stock hardware right back in place.

Go ahead and lightly see all of these and then go back around and give them a real good firm crank to make sure that they're torque properly in the place. That's it. You're back on the road in about five minutes. Thanks for watching. You can get this and other cool parts at Thanks!

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