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Lowbrow Customs At David Mann Chopper Fest 2015

When you hear a chopper rolling by, what do you envision? Most people would say an intimidating bearded dude covered in tattoos at the helm of the handlebars with a half naked beautiful bombshell on the back, both without a care in the world; truly free and living their lives to the fullest. The reason a lot of these thoughts and images resinate in your brain is because you have seen them before. Dictated by a legendary artist known as David Mann, he captured the true essence of what the chopper life style is all about through his paintings. His artwork grabs your attention and wisps you away into the scene, never letting go and keeping you lost in the images for hours. David's work just has that effect on most people and I really believe that's one of the many reasons he is and forever will be an inspirational legend in the eyes of motorcycle community.

Chopper Fest initially started 12 years ago by David "Huggie" Hansen to showcase futuristic designs and show the artistic side of choppers. In 2004 just three months before Chopper Fest the legend David Mann had passed. The entire two wheeled world came from all over the nation to Chopper Fest to pay their respects and honor the legend. From that day forward, Chopper Fest has been dedicated to David Mann, and the lifestyle he loved so much to portray in his beautiful artwork.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0004 Antique Grey Marble Cole Foster Grips looking good on this dialed-in proper chopper.

We were fortunate enough to attend this year's 12th annual Chopper Fest and I couldn't have be more happy to be in sunny California surrounded by beautiful choppers and wonderful people. The midwest is always so doom and gloom this time of year and it made for a great little escape for the weekend. Here are a handful of photos from the show, enjoy!

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0013This 1978 Shovelhead by Jack W. was top on my list of favorite bikes at the show.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-00421947 Knucklehead by Sean Kearney

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0058The "story" I heard behind this 1958 BSA found by Joey Yeaman is just that, he found it at an old lady's house covered in tons of dust. He did an impeccable detailing and this is what came of it. She said it was never fired and he still hasn't fired it yet either. This bike's history is just too rad if the story is true.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0093This 1975 Shovelhead by Scotty Dettwiler was super sick!

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0074 Ironhead racer!

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-01541961 T-100 Triumph by Anthony Robinson.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0182 1974 Ironhead Digger by Martin McLaughlin.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-02171936 Indian by Roger Herbison, this bike was sweaty in all the right places.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0251 1946 Knucklehead by Brent Rogers.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0400 1972 T-100 Triumph by Tommy Tatham.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-03231972 Shovelhead by Casey Johnson

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0444 1947 Knucklehead by Aaron Hauptman.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0527 1957 Panhead owned by Jay Schapiro.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0272 1961 Panhead by Elliot Grosshans.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0297Dalton Walker's "Well Hung Harley" Hybrid of a '64 Right case, Bonneville Left Case, Dual Plug, Dual Carb outside oiler 96" Panhead". Thanks to Dalton for running our Fish Scale Grips.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-05501946 Knucklehead owned by Jay Schapiro, this was my favorite bike at the show. I don't know why but I kept coming back to this bike every chance I could to stare at her. It's a chopper done proper.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0612 Little in show maintenance...

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0645 There were some amazing bikes hidden in the back corner of the show!

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0690 Johnny Branch's copper Shovelhead.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-0703 This Sportster is rocking a Mooneyes Air Cleaner and some Biltwell Chumps Handlebars.

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-99482015 S&S Knucklehead by Andrew Ursich. This bike won 5 awards at the show and rightfully so. I remember seeing this bike at last years Born Free with the general crowd. The details of everything on this bike are unreal and has style for days!

12.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-995812.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-995012.13.2015-David-Mann-Chopper-Fest-99801940 Indian Scout landspeed racer by Norman Newmann a "Lee Standley Bonneville Special"


If you have never been to Chopper Fest before, I strongly encourage you to go. Where else in December are you going to go and be surrounded by amazing choppers, artwork, good food and be outside without a jacket on? It's in California, need I say more! Till next year Chopper Fest, see you there!

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All words and photos by
Mikey Revolt




3 thoughts on “Lowbrow Customs At David Mann Chopper Fest 2015”

  • richard (ANIMAL) kurtovich December 20, 2015 at 8:49 am

    i loved the show i'm old school used to ride 49 pan shovel, 77 shovel ,76 shovel and my first a1939 45 rode for 36years im stage4 copd enphenseima and a bad right leg from a bozo texting rear ended me now i ride a wheelchair i got me a mann dana a good hot dog and a $9.00 805 glass of beer but i got the discount being a vet so it worked out i hope i'm still here next year i'll go again i live in vegas the bikefest was juist a coupple blocks away i'm at 15th and freemont chopperfest waas better more oldschool bikes thanks for hearing my mind watch for cars ANIMAL

  • Bin doin this since 73. Keep on keepen on. ! It hurts but it's a good pain

  • I was honored to have been invited, for a second year, to be one of the featured artists at the art show. Last year, I couldn't make it, in person, but my art was there. THIS year, I was fortunate to have been able to afford to make it, in person! I had an absolute ball! People liked my stuff, alot, and I made some cool new friends! Also, had the huge honor of meeting Jacquie Mann, and talking to her for quite a while! I hope I keep getting invited to this event, and can keep going! Even took some pictures of bikes that I'll be turning into paintings!

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