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Lowbrow Customs at The Giddy Up 2016

The Giddy Up is a chopper show that takes place in New Braunfels, TX at a bar called The River Road Icehouse. Let's set the overall look and vibe of the show for you. There's a huge stage with a 4 step cathedral type standing area where the bikes were being displayed in the front left corner of the property. A nice piece of land for vendors to set up and sell their goods in the back of the property. Everywhere you turned there was a bar top to get your refreshments at. Let's not forget to mention the huge parking lot filled to the brim with show-going patron's bikes. With 30 plus bikes from builders all over the country representing their work, it was awesome to see some big names and up and comers all in one show. The vibe was just right too, no one was trying to hard or being someone they weren't. Everyone was just interested in having fun and talking about motorcycles. It was truly a refreshing feeling and a show completely done right.


Tyler, his girlfriend Julia, Longhair (Jason), Gorgeous Greg, and my wife Kat were all with me during most of the trip. Greg had the luxury of going a few days early to grab our West coast van and meet us down in Texas. Though our visit to Texas was short, I tried to record a daily log on our travels and fun events, enjoy!

Friday 3.25.16 - Lots of flying, driving and pre-party shenanigans.
5:30 am - I just woke up to the wife, Kat, blaring some indie girl rock on her phone, ugh. So tired...
6:35 am - We just jam packed all the luggage into Tyler's car and we are off to Cleveland Hopkins Airport.
7:15 am - The TSA hassled me about my tripod and camera equipment at the security checkpoint. I said "It's not like I have a bomb in there or something..." Under my breath to my wife.. Probably not the best time or place to say something like that. Luckily the lady didn't hear me.
7:16 am - The TSA lady dropped something out of my camera bag, all I can think is she dropped one of my lenses!
7:17 am - It was just a battery.
7:18 am - They are running my camera bag for a second time, my god...
7:45 am - Off to Houston!
10:00 am Central time - Just landed in Houston... Time traveled an hour back and the captain said we were 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Weird.. Go United!
10:20 am - We jumped on a shuttle train to gate A for our second flight from Houston to Austin. Tyler and Julia took it upon themselves to race down a huge flight of stairs while the wife and I took an escalator HA! Life choices.
11:15 am - Boarding our second flight.
11:33 am - Take off
12:00 pm - Landed, pretty sure that was the quickest flight I have ever been on. I feel like I've been getting over my fear of flying more and more.
12:20 pm - Whoa, United go you. Our checked bags with our camping gear made it... 2 points for you
1:00 pm - Stopping at a Starbucks, (trip ritual after flights) on our way to New Braunfels,
1:10 pm - A teen girl stopped us as we were walking out of The Bucks, she apparently hit our chopper (Ford Explorer rental car) in the parking lot as she was pulling in, Welcome to Texas!
1:54 pm - Julia just jumped on to Tyler's roller bag as he pulled it towards the hotel we are staying at for the night and she pretty much just ate the ground.  haha
2:45 pm - Driving off to Gruene Harley-Davidson to meet up with Gorgeous Greg
3:00 pm - Decided to get tacos/burritos , imagine that. Yelp doesn't lie, there are some good places down the street.
3:07 pm -  Yelp doesn't know it's good Friday
3:08 pm - Yelp still doesn't know its good Friday this place is closed too
3:14 pm -  Fifth times a charm, finally some place that's open.
3:15 pm - So Julia is out to get hurt today. She just flipped out of the back seat of the Explorer's 3rd row seating. I told her I'd help out and I collapsed the seat not knowing she was climbing over it, she flung into the front seats extremely hard, apparently Greg let down his side of the seat at the exact same time as me! Wish I had that on camera. ahha
3:45 pm - We finally got some food! Greg's telling travel stories of bringing the Lowbrow van from Cali to Texas
4:45 pm - Back to Harley for the Pre-party, just realized we ate right accross the street... We should of just went there first.
5:00 pm - Started taking video and photos of the bikes coming in and out of the Pre-party.
5:12 pm - My friend Heath Braun's band Lady Killer is taking the stage.
5:54 pm - I just met Scott Hoepker from Chemical Candy Customs. He's the real deal and super nice. Stoked I finally got to meet him in person after talking via email forever.
6:15 pm - Oh shit, I haven't posted anything on the social media fronts in a little while
6:16 pm -  I don't have my wifi camera adapter. Cell phone photos going to have to do.
6:20 pm -  Continuing capturing the moment as bikes are still coming in. A lot of friends are here, this turning into a really great party.
7:00 pm -  Another band is getting on stage.
7:13 pm - These dudes are ripping it up.
7:30 pm -  I just realized beer was free, I'll take two. Why the hell didn't anyone say anything?
7:45 pm -  Grabbing the last of the light and I should probably make a short video for social media.
8:45 pm -  Mothership is taking the stage!
8:55 pm - The bass player just asked for someone to do a burnout by the stage
9:02 pm - Said burn out is happening, ask and you shall receive, and I'm glad I moved from where I was standing.
10:00 pm -  Packing up the Lowbrow booth and stoked to get some food!
10:30 pm -  Kat found this Phoenix saloon place on Yelp.
10:33 pm - Greg buys a round as we realize the kitchen is closed.
10:36 pm - The bartender must feel bad, he just handed us some pretzels in a styrofoam take out box like we were poor, least there is mustard too. Thanks dude!
10:37 pm -  Just chugged our beers and started walking down to a sports bar. Hopefully we get there before their kitchen closes. Why is this town so terrible for food. (New Braunfels)
10:40 pm -  Saw a lawn ornament of a dude standing what only looks like he's contemplating on doing a donkey from behind. ahah
10:42 pm - This is a ritzy ass hotel with tons of Victorian furniture, what is this place? "Yes go through these doors" oh it's the sports bar, hidden in the back!
10:50 pm -  They don't have PBR, I guess a Lone Star will do.
10:51 pm -  Ordered the flat bread chicken pizza, can't wait!
11:20 pm -  Oh, how I am immediately regretting my choice of flat breaded pizza/creamcheese/artichoke dip/I think that is a piece of a chicken pizza... I thought this was supposed to be grilled chicken pizza. Oh well...
12:30 am - Julia is driving us back to the hotel right now and I am not going to lie it's a bit sketchy! (no she wasn't drinking)
1:42 am - Bedtime for Bonzo..
Saturday 3.26.16 - Giddy Up 2016
6:00 am - I actually woke up forgetting where I was for a second. I hate when that happens.
7:15 am - Sneaking out of bed before anyone and take a nice sized #2, sorry everybody!
7:30 am - Free continental breakfast! Say what, there is a Texas shaped Belgian waffle maker! This is going to be a good day.
8:52 am - Just got coffee from what looks like it used to be a photo hut.
9:10 am - What's up River Road Icehouse? This place looks amazing.
9:33 am - Watching my friend Tom Jones roll his long bike down a hill with no front brakes, probably should help, meh I'll just take his photo.
9:35 am - This show is definitely interesting on how they set up the bikes on these step platforms. Using a ramp to get them down in different sections. Glad I'm not in charge of that.
10:00 am - Finally breaking a sweat, it's getting a little muggy but I know in Ohio right now it's cold as hell. I ain't complaining.
10:24 am - The bikes here are pretty incredible. Tons of them have our parts on them too, which is really cool to see!
10:45 am - Bobby Middleton sat on the back of Jeremiah Armenta's build with Ryan Grossman bouncing it up and down. This bike is insane and all three of these guys are extremely talented! Good to see all these dudes in one place.
11:15 am - The cutest little girl in a weirdo shirt just came by the Lowbrow booth in a stroller that her parents were pushing. They were super nice and let me take a few photos of her.
12:04 pm - Pizza time!!!!
1:15 pm - The show is picking up steam, vendors are selling stuff, bikes are flying around outside and it's getting a little harder to walk around and get photos of the bikes.
1:20 pm - Jason Ochoa brought his son over to show me his rad vest. All the cute kids being awesome today! #startemyoung
2:00 pm - Kat and I decided to go to the campground and set up everyone's tents and try and take a dip in the Guadalupe River.
2:43 pm - Tents are up, let's swim.
2:55 pm - It's cold, it's cold, it's cold! Screw that idea.
3:30 pm - Swinging back to the show. I heard there's no parking left, this should be interesting.
3:34 pm - What's everyone talking about no parking, I got my same spot in the lot we left a little bit ago, that or I'm just lucky.
4:00 pm - This show is super laid back. Tons of people but no crazy egos, I am really enjoying myself. There are a few characters running around but overall just really good vibes.

lowbrow-customs---Giddy-Up-2016-9371lowbrow-customs---Giddy-Up-2016-9391Malary wearing our new Lowbrow Customs Shades

4:30 pm - Ok so there's no toilet paper in any of these portajohns.... This is not good scenario.
4:45 pm - I asked Shawn Long to do an interview, going to grab my shit and set up.
5:10 pm - That was a really good interview.
5:30 pm - Sirens are flying by the venue, I hope whoever it is, is ok. It's always scary to hear that around a bike show, where there is lots of drinking and the roads are full of hair pin turns like this one.
6:30 pm - Just set up the tripod to do a timelapse on top of a balcony.
6:35 pm - Here comes a flatbed truck coming towards us
6:36 pm - I snapped a few shots, oh man that's Rufio's bike...
6:43 pm I asked my friend RayRay if he knew anything about Rufio and if he was ok.
7:00 pm - Texas tornados just started, it's like rock meets polka, meets Mexican mariachi, a strange combo but they have been doing it for years.
7:22 pm - Found out Rufio was life flighted out of the area, after flying around a curve too fast and sliding underneath a truck. He's alive and I'm pretty upset about the entire situation at hand. Going to leave that, at that.
8:00 pm - They are about to pick the winner for the Panhead!
8:08 pm - Whoa, Andreik won!
8:15 pm - I've got to sneak by the crowd to the Panhead as fast as possible and get the first shots of Andreik by it and kick starting it up!
8:16 pm - No key!!!
8:25 pm - They found the key. 15 kicks or more I lost count and finally it started!!!
8:43 pm - Time to pack up the Lowbrow booth.
9:40 pm - We are heading back to the campground.
9:43 pm - I just realized Kat was driving the rental with no lights on. Whoops!
10:00 pm - It's beer time! Whoa, $20 bucks for an 18 pack of Miller Light, this place we are at is clearly taking advantage of being the only convenient store around.
10:15 pm - So apparently there is a naked ballerina chick on Molly roaming around and recruiting other girls to get naked too. Not surprised.
10:43 pm - Found some friends by a fire, they are cooking tortillas on pressure treated 2x4's. I politely declined. ahaha
11:00 pm - Good times, good talks, and catching up with some my Texas friends I haven't seen in a year.
12:30 am - I just saw the naked ballerina, she's not a myth but she did have panties on... So the rumors weren't all true.
12:45 am - Why are we stumbling around in the dark campsite to campsite, yelling "Malary, Rachil"? My wife's friends she hasn't seen all night and she's worried about them.
1:12 am - I want to go to bed, oh there's Malary!
1:20 am - Oh there's Rachil. Both found tonight safe and sound. Good, now can we go to bed?
1:30 am - Finally, time to sleep in my new amazing sleeping bag - good night.
Sunday 3.27.2016 - Hangovers, botanical gardens, and flying home.
7:30 am - It never fails, with the tiniest of sunlight showing, the obligatory asshole starts revving his bike like it's the first time he has ever heard his bike run. It's like the rooster but 50 decibels louder.
8:22 am - I'm rolling around and can't get back to sleep, I think there's a rock under my hip.
9:00 am - Time to get my ass out of this sleeping bag and do something about this wicked pee I got to take.
9:30 am - I said a few goodbyes to some friends, and now I better go back to our campsite to pack up our tent.
9:34 am - Walking back to the campsite I just saw a bagger go down a massive hill in the woods full of roots, he almost lost it and bottomed out a few times.
9:53 am - All the shit's packed and I'm starting to sweat.
10:10 am - Back to the "photo hut", the guys and gals want some coffee.
10:38 am - We stopped in San Marcos and checked out a cool river with some small waterfalls.
10:44 am - There is a dude on a kayak that just went down one of the waterfalls and now he's  picking up some garbage with his paddles.
10:59 am - We are off to downtown, Austin.
11:54 pm - After looking for some parking, Kat found a cool restaurant called The Jackalope.
1:30 pm - I highly approve of The Jackalope, good food, nice waitresses and extremly cool vibe. Everyone enjoyed their food even over the weird political talks...
2:00 pm - We are heading off to The Barton Springs pool.
2:03 pm - No parking spots open...
2:05 pm - This lot is full too.
2:08 pm - Still no spots.
2:10 pm - So many easter themed pinadas hanging in the trees around this park.
2:11 pm - Is it Easter?
2:12 pm - No parking still, man!
2:15 pm - Tyler said "Fuck this is dumb, let's just try and go see the river or something."
2:18 pm - We parked in a field by a botanical garden.
2:19 pm - We are walking into the botanical garden. How chopper of us.
2:30 pm - This place has some pretty amazing plants going on. Bamboo trees, zen garden and they let you walk on rocks through the ponds, ok this place is nice.
2:35 pm - Is that a penis shaped flower garden layout? It is!
3:00 pm -  That was an interesting place.
3:15 pm - Walking towards a bridge to see the river, there are so many people are running and by riding bikes. Austin is pretty active.
3:22 pm - Are those dudes in kayaks playing some kind of water polo? I've never seen that before.
3:34 pm - Off to the airport. It's been real Texas!
4:00 pm - Just dropped the rental "chopper" off and told them about the teenybopper that hit it, I think the dude said, "I don't see anything!" Well alright...
4:10 pm - Are we there yet? Super long walk from the rental car area to the terminal.
4:25 pm - The TSA is giving me shit again, this time they checked my laptop for bomb and drug residue...
4:27 pm - Weird no bomb or drug residue on my laptop... Imagine that. I know they are only doing their job but come on.
4:36 pm - There are a bunch of late 80's looking yuppies sitting in front of me by our gate. They look like they are the bad guys in any camping or revenge of the nerds type movies.. Weird fashions these days.
5:25 pm - Off to Houston.
5:52 pm - Oh man this landing was the sketchiest so far, We jut skipped on the runway like a rock on water...
5:53 pm - I feel like I have been here already.
6:00 pm - Imagine that more walking, these gates are so far away and my feet are pretty tired.
6:15 pm - I'm not really hungry but I want this sandwich
6:16 pm - What the hell, $8.26 for a turkey and cheddar sandwich... Thanks Starbucks.
6:24 pm - This sandwich was not worth 8 bucks.
7:10 pm - The flight attendants are offering money for a seat on my flight, how do they overbook?
8:00 pm - Just boarded the flight, where's Julia?
11:35 pm - That was the scariest landing ever, rocking side to side, I'm pretty sure I just pooped myself and back to being scared of flights.
11:36 pm Eastern Standard time - Ah service again. Wow, Julia volunteered to stay back to let some kid who got kicked off our flight because it was over booked, ride with his family. That was super nice of her.
12:13 pm - Home sweet home, time for bed.
This picture sums up this trip!
Photos and words by
-Mikey Revolt


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