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Lowbrow Customs At Pinned Ohio 2016

Pinned Ohio 2016

Six years running now, Pinned Ohio is the first real chopper event of the year for our state. Every year I look forward to seeing so many friends and finding out what they have been working on over the winter months. The last few years Pinned has been held at The Rice Paddy, a vintage Japanese motorcycle and OEM part salvage yard. The space truly sets the tone for a gritty and beautiful background for the show. For some reason since Pinned has moved to the Rice Paddy it's always been dreary but it never scares the party away.

Motorcycles of all makes and models lined up at The Rice Paddy compound.

The Trip Down

My wife Kat and our friend Meeka met me at Lowbrow HQ around 4:00 pm and we set off for Columbus via I-71. Though the sun was shining, the wind was aggressive and cold but all I could do was smile. It felt so good to actually be able to ride for more than a few minutes and actually take some photos. I had a new view for the weekend as well thanks to Kyle for loaning me his hot rod of a Sportster.  The only really hiccup in the trip was as I was snapping some photos of Meeka, I noticed her Sporty was spewing oil from her front head. I gave the cutoff the highway sign and we merged on to a median to check it out. I checked all around the head and couldn't find any cracks or signs to where the oil was coming from. I double checked she had enough oil to make it down to Columbus and we continued on our way because the bike was still running well. We made it down to my friend Dan's house around 7:00 pm and set up camp in his guest bedroom really fast. We then made it off to the Rice Paddy to hang at the Triple Six Crew garage for a little bit and find some food with them.

Riding to Pinned Ohio 2016, POV on a Sportster. Biltwell Handlebars A perfect view, and new to me. Thanks again Kyle for lending me your Sportster for the weekend. I have always loved these handlebars, simple and aggressive.
Lady Wolf riding to Pinned Ohio 2016 on Iron 883 Lady Wolf Flying down I-71.
Meeka riding to Pinned Ohio 2016 on her Sportster My friend Meeka, rocking her Biltwell Gringo and Goggles.
Oil was spewing all over onto Meeka's Sportster. Pinned Ohio 2016. Oil was spewing all over onto Meeka's Sportster.
The Rice Paddy compound. Pinned Ohio 2016 The Rice Paddy compound.
Kyle's Shovelhead, Pinned Ohio 2016 Kyle's Shovelhead looking classy as all in their shop at Rice Paddy
The Rice Paddy compound. Pinned Ohio 2016 As night fell the two king chairs look over the compound.
Night Moves with Dan, Kerry & Steph Sayre. Pinned Ohio 2016 Kerry, Steph, and Dan on our way to getting some food.
The Rice Paddy compound. Pinned Ohio 2016 Storm clouds rolling in early the day of the party.

The Day Of The Show

Every year Pinned Ohio has this laid back, chill atmosphere. Bikes slowly piled into the complex, some were shivering while others were smiling because they saw one of their friends waiting with fresh beer in hand for them. The rain would come and go throughout the day but it didn't really scare anyone who was there, the party just kept going. The Triple Six Crew garage made for a pretty good shelter as long as you could stand the Trap music shenanigans that were going on. As the party came to a close there was still one last thing everyone was looking forward to, the raffle. I swear almost every single person I knew won something and Kerry's frown turned upside down when he won a new helmet painted by our friend, Michael Geltz. Well kind of upside down, he was really stoked, I swear. All in all, Pinned Ohio 2016 was extremely fun and I'm stoked I got to see so many friends. I hope next year it's sunny and hot, just saying.

Sportster. Pinned Ohio 2016 The weather didn't keep people from riding in to the party.
The Jart. Pinned Ohio 2016 "The Jart"
Mike Vandegriff's new Shovelhead. Pinned Ohio 2016 Mike Vandegriff's new Shovelhead.
Smiling. Pinned Ohio 2016 The rain didn't keep the smiles away.
Trey's Roller. Pinned Ohio 2016 Trey sitting on a new roller he is working on.
Little Steve and Kerry Sayre. Pinned Ohio 2016 Little Steve and Kerry Sayre
Kyle and Trey Shovelheads. Pinned Ohio 2016 Kyle and Trey rolling out for some lunch.
Bands rocked one of the abandoned warehouses in the complex. Pinned Ohio 2016 Bands rocked one of the abandoned warehouses in the complex.
Kings Chair. Pinned Ohio 2016 Benny taking shots from the King's Chair.
Tank Art. Flames. Pinned Ohio 2016 They were checking out those flames.
Cb Honda Chopper. Pinned Ohio 2016 Check out this crazy Honda chopper.
Tank art. Amazing. Pinned Ohio 2016 This was the best tank art at Pinned Ohio by far. #tankart
Hunter and his little one. Pinned Ohio 2016. Hunter and his little one.
Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Pipes. Pinned Ohio 2016 It was cool to see our new Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Pipes on this 1200 Sporty.
Old School Gps with Cole Foster grips. Pinned Ohio 2016 Old School Gps with Cole Foster Mocha Marble grips.
Raffle tickets. Pinned Ohio 2016 Everyone likes raffle prizes!
Kerry Sayre called his shot and won the helmet by Michael Geltz aka Flying Weasel. Pinned Ohio 2016 Kerry called his shot and won the helmet by Michael Geltz aka Flying Weasel.
The Jart, Shovelhead. Pinned Ohio 2016 I can't get enough of this bike.
XS650. Biltwell Gringo. Josh Scott. Oldschool Helmets. Pinned Ohio 2016 Custom Gringo by Josh Scott.
Ironhead. Pinned Ohio 2016 Really cool Ironhead rolling out of the show.


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  • Thanks for the article. Nice pics
    I live in a town in west Texas that is full of abandoned buildings . It has defiantly seen better days. I would like to visit up there sometime.The rust belt rules!

  • Always inspiring seeing you guys keepin the old school shit runnin. Gonna head downstairs right now and do a bit more on the 69 triumph up here in northern Canada.

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