Lowbrow Spotlight: Endijs Willows' 2018 Milwaukee-Eight Wafflehead

General: Owner: Endijs Willows Year/Make/Model: 2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob Fabrication: Endijs Willows Build Time: 2018

Engine: Year/Type/Size: 2018 Milwaukee-Eight (Wafflehead) 107 Cu/i (1750cc) Carburetor: N/A -  It's Fuel Injected. Exhaust: Stock with aftermarket mufflers. Air Cleaner: Stock

Frame: Year/Type: 2018 Softail stock Rake/Stretch: N/A

Front End: Type / Brand: Stock

Wheels: Front Size: 19'' stock Rear Size: 16'' stock

Finish/Paint: Paint by: Endijs Willows Plating/Polishing: N/A Powdercoating: N/A

Accessories: Front Fender: Lowbrow Customs Shorty Front Fender for 49mm forks Rear Fender: Led Sled Customs Mohawk 16" rear fender Gas Tank: Lowbrow Customs WX Split Gas Tanks Handlebars: Stock Grips: Stock Mirrors: Stock Hand Controls: Stock Foot Controls: Stock Headlight: Stock Taillight: Stock Turn Signals: Stock License Mount: N/A Seat: Stock

I bought the bike brand new and traded in for my 2015 Sportster 48 back in Idaho, I was simply looking for a bigger faster bike, my Sportster was a bit too small for my height. It just happed to be the year that they put out the Milwaukee 8 (Wafflehead) Street Bob models so I jumped on it. It was between the Wafflehead or the Dyna S, but to be honest the stock M8 bike was just as fast if not a bit faster and a lot smoother ride than Dyna S.

When I took the bike home it was apart within the first week. Before I even bought the thing, I knew I wanted to change some stuff around on it. The first thing that had to go was the gas tank. The stock one was just too wide and shaped a bit too modern for my taste. I decided to go with a set of Lowbrow Customs WX split tanks. They just look more classic. I also had to order up a weld-in EFI pump plate from Lowbrow. It said that it fits Sportsters, but the fuel pump base plate is identical on the M8 tanks so that made life a bit easier. The mounts for the WX tanks had to be modified and clearance for the fuel pump had to be created in the left side tank. There is just enough room on the WX tank for the fuel pump and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Next to go was the rear fender, once again the stock seemed a bit too square and sitting too high for my taste so I went with the Led Sled Customs 6” Mohawk rear fender. Definitely a challenge to fit a smaller, tighter fender on this bike, I had to notch and cut the new fender and change its shape quite a bit to make it work. If you try to do it be patient, it can be done. The front fender was a direct fit from Lowbrow Customs, a simple bolt on that works flawlessly and keeps the integrity of the look I was going for in tact!

I am pretty happy with the bike and the way it looks for now, I feel that these new bikes don’t really have much of a soul or personality to them when they come off the showroom floor. My main goal was to try to give it one, it’s not totally there yet but I have future plans to make it bit more classic looking and feeling. I think this new softail frame is a great platform to build off of. It gives you your modern/old school look to a bike and its totally possible to make it happen using parts that are intended for older bikes with a little time and fabrication skill. Without motorcycle part companies like Lowbrow Customs it would be very rather difficult to customize a newer motorcycle to your liking and for that I’m thankful they are around.

My advice to anyone that is getting into a build like this or on any of the newer bikes, just do it, don’t mess with the mechanicals unless you really know what you are doing, the manufactures make them pretty well made and tuned right out of the box, but as far as the looks go, go for it! Keep all your stock take off parts and don’t cut or weld on your frame unless you are a pro, that way you can always return it back to ground zero.

Words by Endijs Willows Photos by Mikey Revolt

4 thoughts on “Lowbrow Spotlight: Endijs Willows' 2018 Milwaukee-Eight Wafflehead”

  • Bitchen looking M8 Softail. I really like the way the fuel tank flows with your bike and the paint is fantastic! Excellent Job!

  • I like the solo configuration and the new HD Softail look.
    Great job!
    M8 is a better looking engine than the TC, IMHO.

  • Beautiful bike with personality.

  • Just bought an M8 Street Bob this year, first new bike I ever bought. I always chopped and rode my own sportys and jap bikes, but wanted something heavier for a long haul that wasn't one of those God awful baggers. My main issue with this bike is the tank! I think everyone I know that has one would swap the the tank out in a heart beat! Hey Lowbrow... make an oversized peanut tank to fit this back bone and they will sell!!!
    Cool bike man!

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