Lowbrow Spotlight: Todd Muller's 1967 Triumph 650 "Mongrel"

Owner: Todd Muller.
Year/Make/Model: 1967 "Mongrel".
Fabrication: minimal.
Build Time: several years.
Year/Type/Size: 1970 650 cc.
Carburetor:  Dual Amal 930's - Amal 930 Carb Right Side , Amal 930 Carb Left Side
Exhaust: Mac 2 into 1.
Year/Type: Stock 1967 front loop section. David Bird Street Tracker Rear section
Rake/Stretch: NA
Front End:
Type / Brand: Stock Triumph 71-72
Front Size: Stock 19 inch 71-72 drum brake wheel.
Rear Size: Stock 18 inch
Paint by:  Who knows? The tank was on another bike I bought a while back and thought it would look good on this build.
Plating/Polishing: Not so much.
Powdercoating: nope just Rattlecanned.
Front Fender: Who needs a front fender?
Rear Fender: Lowbrow Customs Aluminum Manta Ray Fender
Gas Tank: Stock 650
Mirrors: We dont need no stinkin mirrors!
Foot Controls: OG folding footpegs rocking British Standard rubbers for Triumph Motorcycles
Turn Signals: Huh??
License Mount: Part of the tailight bracket
Seat: Biltwell Cafe Style seat.
This bike started out as a frame and the boss wanted me to build a bike with the David Bird Street Tracker rear section for swing-arm bikes (which unfortunately is no longer available.) I kind of dragged my feet on it and took several years to build. I must have built at least 4-5 other bikes as this one got pieced together slowly using up any spare parts I had laying around the garage. The engine came from a swap meet and was supposedly rebuilt, "Yeah right!?" We all know how that turns out. After completely disassembling the engine it was determined that whoever rebuilt it had not done a very good job. As time and money allowed I slowly got the motor back together and I'm happy to say it runs extremely well now. First kick every time. I had started a build thread on a forum and called it The Low Buck Triumph because my goal was to see how cheap a whole bike could be built from the junk I already had, swap meet finds and spare parts ect. Well the naysayers on the forum were right it did not come in at what I had expected the cost to be because of having to freshen up the engine but I do not have a ton of money in it. I ended up using a few new parts to finish her off and I will say I'm fortunate enough to get a small discount for working here at the shop.

Words by Todd Muller - Photos by Mikey Revolt

4 thoughts on “Lowbrow Spotlight: Todd Muller's 1967 Triumph 650 "Mongrel"”

  • Dale Wickline May 30, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    I like it overall. Good job and I am a huge fan . My take. Front fender=YES Home Model 2" longer on the front paint or stainless=stainless ( I seriously can't tell the finish on the rear but match it) No oil filter = WTF!!

    I can live with the rest (rear shox=UGH). I do understand that the bike was built economically and for that 100% on fit finish and overall utility. Just a few PERSONAL nits. Your bike you like it I love it.

    Dale (Tiger Dale on the forums)

  • Great looking bike with great ideas. I am in the process of rebuilding a '65 Bonneville and love some of the ideas this bike offers. Thanks again Low Brow and Todd. We will be talking.

  • What are the handlebar risers used on "the mongrel" 650 triumph?..loving the bike...cheers Paul.

  • Kim Norsworthy May 31, 2019 at 5:31 am

    From bits and spare parts around your garage, bike looks amazing. Recently picked up a 69 Bonnie. Bike is in good nick, just some issues with the carbs I think. Sat in garage for a couple of years without running. Anyway enjoy the YouTube feeds and blogs Lowbrow has. Cheers

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