Lowbrow Spotlight: Todd Muller's 1967 Triumph 650 "Mongrel"

Owner: Todd Muller.
Year/Make/Model: 1967 "Mongrel".
Fabrication: minimal.
Build Time: several years.
Year/Type/Size: 1970 650 cc.
Carburetor:  Dual Amal 930's - Amal 930 Carb Right Side , Amal 930 Carb Left Side
Exhaust: Mac 2 into 1.
Year/Type: Stock 1967 front loop section. David Bird Street Tracker Rear section
Rake/Stretch: NA
Front End:
Type / Brand: Stock Triumph 71-72
Front Size: Stock 19 inch 71-72 drum brake wheel.
Rear Size: Stock 18 inch
Paint by:  Who knows? The tank was on another bike I bought a while back and thought it would look good on this build.
Plating/Polishing: Not so much.
Powdercoating: nope just Rattlecanned.
Front Fender: Who needs a front fender?
Rear Fender: Lowbrow Customs Aluminum Manta Ray Fender
Gas Tank: Stock 650
Mirrors: We dont need no stinkin mirrors!
Foot Controls: OG folding footpegs rocking British Standard rubbers for Triumph Motorcycles
Turn Signals: Huh??
License Mount: Part of the tailight bracket
Seat: Biltwell Cafe Style seat.
This bike started out as a frame and the boss wanted me to build a bike with the David Bird Street Tracker rear section for swing-arm bikes (which unfortunately is no longer available.) I kind of dragged my feet on it and took several years to build. I must have built at least 4-5 other bikes as this one got pieced together slowly using up any spare parts I had laying around the garage. The engine came from a swap meet and was supposedly rebuilt, "Yeah right!?" We all know how that turns out. After completely disassembling the engine it was determined that whoever rebuilt it had not done a very good job. As time and money allowed I slowly got the motor back together and I'm happy to say it runs extremely well now. First kick every time. I had started a build thread on a forum and called it The Low Buck Triumph because my goal was to see how cheap a whole bike could be built from the junk I already had, swap meet finds and spare parts ect. Well the naysayers on the forum were right it did not come in at what I had expected the cost to be because of having to freshen up the engine but I do not have a ton of money in it. I ended up using a few new parts to finish her off and I will say I'm fortunate enough to get a small discount for working here at the shop.

Words by Todd Muller - Photos by Mikey Revolt

5 thoughts on “Lowbrow Spotlight: Todd Muller's 1967 Triumph 650 "Mongrel"”

  • Dale Wickline May 30, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    I like it overall. Good job and I am a huge fan . My take. Front fender=YES Home Model 2" longer on the front paint or stainless=stainless ( I seriously can't tell the finish on the rear but match it) No oil filter = WTF!!

    I can live with the rest (rear shox=UGH). I do understand that the bike was built economically and for that 100% on fit finish and overall utility. Just a few PERSONAL nits. Your bike you like it I love it.

    Dale (Tiger Dale on the forums)

  • Great looking bike with great ideas. I am in the process of rebuilding a '65 Bonneville and love some of the ideas this bike offers. Thanks again Low Brow and Todd. We will be talking.

  • What are the handlebar risers used on "the mongrel" 650 triumph?..loving the bike...cheers Paul.

  • Kim Norsworthy May 31, 2019 at 5:31 am

    From bits and spare parts around your garage, bike looks amazing. Recently picked up a 69 Bonnie. Bike is in good nick, just some issues with the carbs I think. Sat in garage for a couple of years without running. Anyway enjoy the YouTube feeds and blogs Lowbrow has. Cheers

  • Scooter Kenny July 5, 2019 at 6:33 pm

    Well, let's look at this bike... Pretty for sure.. We all wish we had a pretty Triumph in our garage..
    Now let;s get REAL! These are 70 year old bikes, and every inch of them are BEAUTIFUL! Take that beauty, and combine modern parts... You now have a beautiful hike that is as timeless as the first "Black Duck" still is. The "Black Duck" IS the most important boat ever built, just as EVERY Triumph is the most beautiful bike EVER built. Harley fans, take a seat... We love you!

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