Salt Bound and Down 2018 - Kyle Malinky's 1968 Triumph Land Speed Racer Resurrected - Part 2

Kyle at Fuel Cleveland 2018. Photo by: David Carlo

This is Part 2, read Part 1 of Salt Bound and Down 2018 here!

It has been more than a few seriously hectic weeks around Lowbrow HQ. I finally received all the remaining parts I was waiting for, and began to assemble my motor for my 1968 Triumph Landspeed build "Silver Bandit". Our tech guru Todd helped with the bottom end, installing the barrel, and high compression racing pistons.

Final assembly on the motor, Play-doh helps to make sure there is valve clearance.

Tyler and I spent a morning in his home garage getting the racing cams degreed so that motor would be properly timed. I took the short block home to finish the build, taking the time to clay the pistons to make sure I had proper clearances. Anytime you do serious work to a motors valvetrain it is worth the extra time to make sure the motor does not grenade the first time you fire it up!  After making sure everything was happy I did final motor assembly and got back to work on the chassis.

Setting the timing.

I installed front and rear wheels, making custom wheel spacers to get everything exactly where it needed to be, and installing high speed bearings. We modified the carrier on the quick change rear end to allow it to space the sprockets properly as well as the caliper for the hand operated rear disc brake.

Front wheel spaced out and ready to go!
Rear wheel assembled and spaced.

The motor made its way home into the chassis, and I got to work installing the exhaust, gas tank, all of the controls, and wiring and plumbing the bike.

As always the first time firing a new motor is a little nerve racking, I filled the tanks with 110 octane leaded race gas, adjusted the carbs, and first kick she fired right up! The idle was a little high so after a few tweaks it was purring. I was absolutely ecstatic with how well it ran right out of the gate. I finished a few more details just in time for the Fuel Cleveland show load in the next day!

First time kicking over the motor.

My bike looked right at home at Fuel Cleveland next to Don Miller‘s fiberglass body Triumph flat track racer, and Herb’s duel engine Norton race bike. I got a ton of great feedback and really enjoyed being part of the show! As soon as the show was done the bike came back to the shop and waited until Tuesday to dyno test it.

A stage filled with race bikes at Fuel Cleveland. Photo by: Mikey Revolt

Murphy’s Law was in full effect, the bike was ready to run, but we had problems with dyno and only about half of every pull I completed was properly recorded. That being said we continued gaining horsepower and I planed to  take my bike home do a few more adjustments and hit the Dyno again Friday.

Taking a few pulls on the Dyno before it crapped out on us.

Friday came around and we showed up ready to go, fired the bike up and hit a few great runs, tuning it in further, and gaining horse power every time. Of course Murphy reared his ugly head again and the dyno completely crashed, but the last pull I had was the highest horsepower with an extremely smooth curve. This motor came in about 8% higher than my old motor which I am thrilled with, however I know I could’ve pulled a few more horse power out if we had more time and less testing issues.

Photo by: David Carlo

I went back to the shop Saturday for final adjustments, an oil change, some small modifications, and a good cleaning. It's crazy to think, in two days the bikes will be in the trailer and heading west. Next stop Bonneville!

Words: Kyle Malinky
Photos: David Carlo, Kyle Malinky, Mikey Revolt

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  • Great build :D

    I am wondering if you could list the specs and work done on the bike etc

    I am new to this and am wanting to learn how to get my bike prepared for a salt flats run.

    I have a 58 6T .

    Also could you please explain what "claying the pistons " is the procedure and why etc this is done ?

    Can you recommend any books on race tuning etc



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