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VIDEO: Install Gasbox Sissy Bar on 2004 & up Harley-Davidson Sportster

See how quick and easy it is to install a Gasbox sissy bar on your 2004 and later Harley-Davidson Sportster. Doesn't scratch your paint, no need to remove your turn signals, just install, strap on your gear and go! Featuring Gasbox proprietor Jesse Bassett in Cleveland, Ohio. Gasbox also produces many more sissy bars including a 2006-up Dyna Bolt-On Sissy Bar.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

All right, we're going to install a Gasbox Sportster Chopper Sissy Bar on this late model fuel injected Harley-Davidson Sportster. These sissy bars come ready to bolt on. They come with a hard fastener pack of all of the required hardware. With just a couple of tools, I'll show you how easy this is to bolt on. First, you'll need to remove the fender mounting hardware. We're going to need a T40, a torch bit, and a half inch wrench. The sissy bar has integrated spacers that will snap into the strut, and keep from scratching the chrome. They will also wrap around the turn signals if you don't want to remove them.

To install the new sissy bar, you're going to need a 3/16” allen head socket. With the hardware provided, you're going to use the longer bolts in the front with the existing nuts and the shorter bolts in the rear, with the stock threaded tabs. The hardware that's included is stainless, button-head allens. It is a little bit longer to accommodate the thickness of the new sissy bar. I like to get everything in, and somewhat snug first before I actually tighten everything down.

All right, there we go. It's all installed. When we designed this, we added the two extra holes in the side plates, just because we figured you'd be using a bungee cord or something to attach some luggage or a jacket to the back of this. It's ready to go. [

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