VIDEO: Basic Motorcycle Handlebar Grip Info & Install

Now this goes over some info that is quite basic, motorcycle grips, but everyone starts somewhere. We have gotten enough questions about getting '2 different size grips' and about the best way to put them on that we decided to make this quick video. The smaller ID (internal diameter) grip goes on the bare handlebar, and the larger ID goes over the throttle tube. We show how to install and remove (if they aren't glued on! if they are, slit with a razor blade and remove) your grips using compressed air, though there are other ways to do it as well.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi, I'm Todd from Lowbrow Customs. Today we're going to show you a little tech tip on how to install and remove your new grips. I've had some calls and emails, maybe a little confusion on the sizing on the grips.

If you'll notice here on the grips, the throttle side will be much larger than the handlebar side. It's not going to be a true 1-inch if you order 1-inch grips and you measure that it's not going to be 1-inch.

For the throttle side, we have a little trick here that we use. I will use an air hose, compressed air. Start the grip on there, get the air nozzle underneath the grip. Try to get it to form a little seal. Blow air pressure. If it doesn't go right on, like it's not for me, the thing is you got to try to get that so that this has a little bit of a seal. There you go.

Bar side, smaller diameter. Same deal. Get your grips started, put your air hose underneath it, and there you have it. Just like downtown.

You can check out these Cole Foster Signature Series Grips at our website. We also have some new Lowbrow Customs GT style grips. Really nice, high-quality, nice feel to them. Great for riding your scooter, man.

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