VIDEO: Biltwell Lane Splitter Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

Curious about the Biltwell Lane Splitter helmet? This video was our first look at the helmet. We received some Lane Splitters from Biltwell prior to the official release and decided to take one for a test ride. If you are considering a Lane Splitter versus a Simpson motorcycle helmet or other option, this video might give you some insight as to the bang you get for your buck. Enjoy!

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hey, this is Tyler with Lowbrow Customs, here to give you guys a first look at my ride with the Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet. The Lane Splitter is new here in Fall 2016. We've got a limited amount of these on hand early to try out from our friends at Biltwell. I'm going to hop on my Shovelhead chopper and go for a spin after lunch. I'm going to take you guys along for the ride and then fill you in with my thoughts on the helmet. I barely even looked at this thing. I'm going to throw it on and ride and see what we think.

All right, I'm back from my first ride with the Biltwell Lane Splitter helmet. I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with the helmet. In my ride, a quick jaunt around the neighborhood turned into a two-hour ride, blew my afternoon though I can't really complain because I was way more fun than any work I had to do. Biltwell Lane Splitter, the first thing I noticed before I even hit the main road out here was that the venting is killer. I was just getting a steady stream of cool air in through these front vents and with the rear vent here you just get a nice steady flow of air through there.

There's one of those few vents here in the front but it is more than ample and breathes better than any other full face helmet I've got. The next thing I noticed was the I port which as you can see is very large that made for great visibility on highways, in city traffic just in general. It was not obstructed at all and a nice clear flip up shield, couldn't have been better. The closure on the helmet, there's a hole in the shield here and a gobble pin and it's pretty simple. It's all natural you do it once or twice and then you get the feel for it.

I didn't even have to think when opening and closing the shield. When I was riding from slower city traffic, getting up into higher speeds of wearing sunglasses, we don't want to shield down. I didn't have to think about closing it. The helmet itself is very comfortable, very lightweight, soft padding. There's a fleece lining on the inside of the strap protectors here. Never had any irritation or anything like that. The couple hours I was riding I never felt like I wanted to take the helmet off like I've felt with some other helmets.

Another nice feature is the webbing here under the chin. That webbing with a little Biltwell bar and shield on there. That protects the chin area of the helmet, keeps wind from jamming up there when you're on the highway trying to lift your helmet on. That reduces wind noise, keeps you from having to pull your helmet down and keep settling it in place. That's just a nice small feature, but it's the details that count.

I'd have to say overall I'm very pleased with Biltwell Lane Splitter. In addition to gobs of style, it also performs well and I look forward to wearing this regularly as I get out on my bike. In fact, I'm going to take this one and wear it on my ride home today and keep it in my garage. Check these out and plenty more at Lowbrow Customs. If you enjoy this video, subscribe to our You Tube channel and you will see lots of great motorcycle goodness that we're trying and come out with regularly for you guys. Thanks very much. I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs.

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