Video: English 101 - A Tune And Service Guide for Vintage Triumph and BSA Motorcycles

English 101 is a full tune & service video manual that covers pre-unit and unit Triumphs and unit BSAs. In this interactive shop manual, watch step-by-step as Wes White demonstrates everything you need to keep your British bike reliable, on the road and running great. This 4-hour video is broken down into easy-to-follow chapters and is designed to teach you how to maintain your British motorcycle

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Time Stamp Breakdown:

01:24 - Introduction and Valve Adjustments
03:06 - Valve adjustments on Triumph Unit motor out of bike.
14:13- Tips on doing a valve adjustment on a Triumph Pre-unit motor while motor is in a bike.
15:13 - BSA Valve adjustment.
22:28 - Oil in frame Triumph Unit motors look different.
23:22 - BSA Primary side and adjustments overview.
26:42 - BSA motorcycle overview, difference and similarities to Triumph
32:08 - Finding Top Dead Center
32:10 - Finding top dead center on a Triumph Unit motor. 
49:03 - Finding top dead center on a Triumph Pre-Unit motor.
58:41 - Ignition Systems - Magneto, Electronic ignition and points.
58:45 - How to install and time a Joe Hunt Magneto on a Triumph Unit motor.
01:13:20 - How to set up and use a timing light and what to do for points, electronic or mag.
01:14:56 - Installing a Lucas Magneto on a Triumph Pre-Unit Motor.
01:19:00 - Installing advance wheel, see the difference in two different kinds.
01:20:10 - How to install full advance bob weight wheel.
01:23:00 - How to install normal advance wheel.
01:27:25 - Oil Systems and Oil Changes.
01:27:54 - Oil lines, how they should be and how they work.
01:35:06 - Some extra stuff to know with Pre-unit motors about oil lines.
01:35:35 - Oil pressure reals valve on a Triumph Unit Motor.
01:38:06 - What to drain, unplug etc. and what not to on Triumph Unit Motor.
01:42:28 - Oil Change on Triumph Pre-unit Motor differences.
01:49:19 - Primary cover on Triumph Pre-Unit Motor. 
01:50:57 - Chain Adjustments.
01:51:03 - Adjust the primary chain on a Triumph Pre-Unit Motor.
02:07:01 - Check your chain for ware and check your sprocket.
02:08:26 - BSA Chain adjustment differences.
02:09:35 - What to look out for in Dunlop vintage British Wheels.
02:11:33 - Transmission Primary chain adjustment on swing arm Triumph Pre-Unit motor.
02:14:26 - Carburetors on Triumph Pre-Unit.
02:17:03 - Adjust primary chain on Triumph Unit Motor.
02:20:25 - Adjust primary chain on BSA Motor.
02:24:14 - Clutch Adjustments.
02:24:25 - Clutch adjustment of the pushrod on a Triumph Unit Motor.
02:26:58 - Clutch cable adjustment on a Triumph Pre-Unit Motor.
02:32:44 - Clutch cable adjustment on a Triumph Unit Motor.
02:36:44 - Carburetor Tips, Basics on Amal Carbs.
02:46:14 - Setting up proper slack in your throttle cable that goes to your carburetors.
02:56:35 - Float Stuck talks. 02:57:29 - single carb vs dual carb setup.
02:58:43 - Dissembling and cleaning your Amal Carburetor.
03:11:07 - Electrical System Maintenance.
03:11:24 - Test your battery.
03:16:18 - Quick test of the alternator.
03:17:30 - Test Light basics. 
03:22:31 - Test the length of your spark.
03:23:38 - Lucas competition magneto overview.
03:25:19 - Boyer ignition plate installation on a Triumph Unit Motor.
03:30:20 - Boyer ignition plate installation on a BSA Motor.
03:31:38 - Adjust points on a BSA Motor.
03:35:51 - Handy Dandy Tips and Tricks.
03:38:52 - Compression Test.
03:43:04 - Trouble starting?
03:45:30 - Chassis and Wheels.
03:45:38 - Check your wheel bearings.
03:50:41 - Putting the wheel hub / brake plate back together.
03:52:27 - Check your brakes.
03:55:34 - Triumph Pre-Unit front wheel overview.
03:56:28 - Changing out neck bearings with a Timken bearing conversion kit.
04:06:56 - How to check your steering head in your neck.
04:08:09 - tighten up the triple trees.
04:10:29 - Check your tire pressure!
04:11:09 - Outro, Thanks for watching now go for a ride!

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