Video: How To Install - The Sportster Treatment Wiring Kit for 1994-96 Harley-Davidson Sportsters

Matt Wuerdeman founder of The Sportster Treatment Kit give you a step by step tutorial on how to remove your stock wiring harness and install his wiring kit on a 1994-96 Harley-Davidson Sportster. This kit eliminates most wires, handlebar controls, unneeded sensors, and relays that clutter up a Sportster. This wiring harness that comes with the kit contains all connectors already installed and can be customized based on where you decide to mount your key switch. With the help of this video we are fully confident you can get your bike re-wired up and looking killer, with clean looking handlebars and a less bulky stock wiring harness.

For the exact wiring harness used in this video check out The Sportster Treatment kit for 1994-96

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