VIDEO: Install Louvered Air Cleaner for CV Carburetors on Harley-Davidson Sportster

The popular Louvered Air Cleaner has traditionally graced hot rods using Holley 94's and Stromberg 97 carburetors, but with the new backing plates made by Lowbrow Customs, you can install and run one of these inexpensive, cool air cleaners on your Harley-Davidson with ease. Louvered Air Cleaner kits come complete with a washable paper filter, stainless steel, allen-head hardware and mounting gasket. They are available for CV carburetors and EFI Throttle Bodies, as found on Harley-Davidson Sportsters from 1991-2015, Big Twins 1993-2006, and FXD Dyna from 2004-2015. A kit is also available for S&S Super E and G Carburetors. The USA-made backing plates are 1/4 inch thick steel, powdercoated black. This well engineered kit contains everything you need and installs in minutes. 

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hey, guys, Todd from Lowbrow Customs here again. Today, we're going to install our Louvered Air Cleaner on this Evolution Sportster CV carburetor. Get rid of this big old funky ham can. Okay, let's go ahead and get started. We'll get this air cleaner off here in preparation to put the new air cleaner on.

Probably, in your garage at home, you're going to have a number three Phillips, that'll do the job. No problem. There is actually a special bit for these screws but I can't imagine that everyone in their garage has one of these, but that's it right there. If you have that one, that'll grip it very nicely, much better than the number three. Either way, they'll both work.

You want to support your air cleaner as you're taking your cover, as you're taking the screw out, or it will fall on the floor and if you're going to try to sell it on Chopper Swapper, you probably put a big ding in it. Cover off air cleaner. This pops right off. No fasteners are required. Now, you've got two breather bolts going into your cylinder heads and you have three socket head into the carburetor.

Next, we'll go ahead and remove those three screws and for that one, we're going to be using I believe it's 530 seconds. Yes, that is correct. If you have regular Allen wrenches, that'll work. I like sockets and I like long extensions. That's just me. Now, you may notice when you're loosening these, they're going to stay in that plastic thing.

They're not going to come all the way out. They're captive in there so you're just going to loosen them all up until it's not in the carburetor anymore like so three screws. Okay, once all three of these are loose, you can tell they're not in the carburetor anymore but like I said, they're not going to come out of the holes. Now, we'll change to a different socket head bit which this one's going to be 5/16, put the breather bolts.

Once you have those loose, you can just turn them out by hand because there's rather large. These are not going to stay in the plastic housing. Take those off of there. Don't be alarmed if you see a bunch of oil in your air cleaner like this one, because it's an Evo Sportster. There you go. We're down to the carburetor.

In order to install our new Louvered Air Cleaner, you may notice when we took this off, these breather bolts in this big cranking plastic housing are what's supporting the carburetor. This is a spigot fit mount. In other words, on the other side of the manifold, there's just a rubber gasket and this carb just pushes into that.

In order to put the new air cleaner on, you're going to need the gas box, carb support bracket that we stock on the website, very nicely made, relatively inexpensive part, and that'll get sandwiched. It'll go up against the carb face and we'll put some Lowbrow Customs breather bolts in there and that's what supports the carburetor to keep it on the manifold and then the air cleaner will just attach in the same way with the three screws into the face of the carburetor.

Here's our Lowbrow Customs breather bolts to complement the bracket. Obviously, you can't use this bolt because it's way too long. We have them available in chrome and black. We also have them available for Evolution Big Twin, the Evo Sportster is going to be half-thirteen for the thread, the size of the hole and the twin cam is going to be 3/8 16. They reduce the hole size on the cylinder heads on the twin cams but we do have these available in either Chrome or black for Evo and twin cam.

One other thing here. Generally, there'll be a paper gasket on the backside of your stock air cleaner. If you can remove that carefully and reuse it, you can put it on the back side of this, so that you've got a gasket there. Notice how the breather bolt has a hex, a socket head down inside it, because we're going to be putting some screens in here that takes a quarter inch. Sometimes it's easier to get these started like so.

I'm just going to hold our backing, your support plate up there. Go ahead and get the two breather bolts started. You're not going to fully tighten them at this time because we want to be able to have a little wiggle room to get the backing plate on it if these are all the way tight. As I told you the carburetor is spigot mounted so it's possible for it to wiggle around a little bit there.

There's also just a little bit of play on this bracket so you're just going to snug those down to the point where you can still move it a little bit. You can see that we look like we're lined up pretty well right there. We'll go ahead and take this out of the package. It does come with some special screws, a gasket. Okay, flat or Phillips head will work on this.

I'm going to take the cover off to reveal the air cleaner and our backing plate for the air cleaner. Now, notice there's an extra little hole in here that needs to line up with this extra hole on there, so that this will be facing vertically. Take a look at these screws we have here and see how the head of that is specifically designed for this, so that it's nice and flush there.

There's a good reason for the screw head being made so that it's flush with this because you'll notice when you put the air cleaner on there, it will sit flat. The screws stuck out. It would be poking into it. Okay, it comes with a gasket. It's got some two-sided tape on it, white backing piece off, and we're going to stick this on here, line it up with your holes in the carburetor the best you can. Might not want to push it on there hard, because you might need to wiggle it just a skosh to get it lined up correctly.

Once again, this is your vent, three screws. You want to make sure that you line up those two holes with those two holes. This is vertical. We'll go ahead and get these started. I'm going to be using an 8 inch socket head on those and a little dab of blue Loctite. Probably wouldn't hurt on those. Tighten them down.

Once again, we're going steel fastener into aluminum carburetor. Don't overdo it. Last thing you want to do is take the threads out of your carburetor. Go around a couple times to make sure they're securely tightened. Now, we can go ahead and tighten those two breather bolts. It's again with our quarter inch. Now, it's obviously lined up.

I generally like a little dab of red Loctite on those. There we go. To complete the installation of the breather bolts, they come with a fine mesh screen that's almost concave and you'll notice one side of it is coarse and the other is fine. You're going to want to put the coarse side in. Just plug it into the hole. We're going to finish off the breather bolt assemblies with a snap ring. There's a groove in here. You want to be sure that this is clicked into that groove when you get it installed, so they don't fall out. Anytime you're working with snap rings, there's going to be a flat edge and a rounded edge. You always want the flat edge facing in.

See, if you can see on that one, you can see that one's clicked into the groove and this one I just stuck in the hole but it doesn't seem like it's clicked in so you can just use your end of your tool. There it goes. I just heard it click. I saw it. It's clicked into the groove. That's very important. If you don't get it clicked in, it could fall out going down the road and then you're going to lose your little mesh screen thingy.

Then all we have left to do, pop your air cleaner on. You can put it in here if you so desire. Get your center screw. You can look to the backside. It's nice and long. That way if it does come loose going down the road, there's less chance of it falling out. You may notice it. I'm just going to tighten that up. I really like my snap-on screwdrivers because they have this hex on the shank. When you're putting something like this on, you can put a wrench on it and give it that extra little earth and that makes this screw nice and tight.

Once again, a little common sense, you don't want to crank it so hard, you pull the threads out of there. That's all there is to it. Our Lowbrow Customs Louvered Air Cleaner all installed with our gas box support plate and our Lowbrow Customs breather bolts. Pretty simple installation. Get you back out on the road in no time. See you later.

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