VIDEO: Lowbrow Customs P-Nut Gas Tanks Video Description

Lowbrow Customs has been making P-Nut Gas Tanks since 2010. We were the first to reproduce the Wassell Peanut gas tank, using a NOS peanut tank to create the tooling for our P-Nut tank. The shape and style are the same, without the headaches of old, crusty, thin-walled steel tanks from fifty years ago. Better yet, we have a variety of styles now so you can choose the one that fits the vision for your custom motorcycle best.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hello. I am Tyler with Lowbrow Customs, here in our showroom at Lowbrow customs headquarters in Brunswick, Ohio. Today, I'm going to show you guys the Lowbrow P-Nut tank. We've got three variations, but first, if you enjoy these videos and you want to see more and you want to stay in the know, click this button right here, subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will get a notification when each new video comes out.

Lowbrow Customs has been producing the original P-Nut tanks since about 2010, which is this guy right here. It is pretty much an exact reproduction of the Wassell P-Nut tank which was produced in England in the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s. It found its way onto a lot of customs bikes, many Triumphs and British bikes, but also loads of Harley-Davidson choppers, knuckleheads, panheads, shovelheads. You see them all in sorts of old photos.

We decided to make this tank as it wasn't available except as crusty swapmeet finds where you ended up having leaks or the're dented. The original tanks, the metal is much thinner. They just weren't as nicely made as our tanks. We reproduced these true to form. These have a triumph style filler neck or a British style filler neck. It'll take a triumph motorcycle gas cap, and this is the deep tunnel version like many of the originals.

The deep tunnel lets the tank sit far down on the frame. The tank is closer to your motor. This tank is a 1.8 gallon capacity gas tank, while the mid-tunnel, true to its name, sits a bit higher in the midpoint on your back on your frame. This tank also holds a hair over 1.8 gallons, while the Frisco Mountain version, being that the tunnel doesn't take up as much room in the shell, this holds two gallons.

A Frisco Mountain gas tank has a very shallow tunnel. Therefore, it sits up high on the backbone of your frame. The other difference you will see between these three tanks besides the tunnel depth is the filler cap. While the original P-Nut tank has the Triumph gas cap, the mid-tunnel and the Frisco tunnel take a Harley-Davidson style threading gas cap. They're very common. There's many options available so that gives you a lot of choice.

All three tanks have the same style petcock bungs which are two quarter-inch NPT bungs found at the rear of the gas tank here. The tunnel on all of these are 1 in 15th, 16th inches wide, that's 1 in 15th, 16ths, just a hair under 2. If you're interested in running one of these tanks on a custom bike, we'd tell you to measure your backbone. You need to have a little bit of wiggle room around there to make sure this mounts and will fit over your backbone and it isn't banging around in there.

Here, you can see a good look at the mid-tunnel as well as the mounting tabs which are undrilled. They are ready for you to mount as you see fit and there are plenty of articles in our tech tip section showing you how to custom mount a gas tank using threaded bungs.

These gas tanks plus many, many more are available at Thanks for watching.

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