VIDEO: Spinner & Knurled Gas / Oil Filler Caps for Custom Motorcycles

Cast aluminum Spinner and Knurled gas / oil caps by Lowbrow Customs are an inexpensive way to customize your motorcycle oil tank or gas tank. These caps are 1-5/16"-12 thread and fit Lowbrow Customs, British Standard, and Mooneyes brand motorcycle oil tanks. They also fit certain custom motorcycle gas tanks, such as the Narrow Frisco Sporty and Cole Foster gas tanks. Check out our Custom Oil & Gas Caps page to see all the different style caps and the motorcycle oil tanks and custom gas tanks that they will fit! There are many styles available in black, aluminum and solid brass.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hello, I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs here in our showroom in Brunswick Ohio. I want to show you guys these new investment cast aluminum filler caps that we came out with. These work for both oil and gas tanks as well as any custom application. There are 1-5/16"-12 thread and they work with some popular brands such as Mooneyes oil tanks. They'll thread right in in place of the cap that the Mooneyes tank comes with, which is nice in itself but this is just a second option for you.

These also work with British standard and cycle standard oil tanks. The cycle standard tank shown here is for a Harley-Davidson or other custom motorcycle. While here is an example, of a British standard oil tank that's perfectly set up for tryouts or other British motorcycles and there's many different styles of these available. Our new caps also work with a couple of gas tanks we produce. This is the Lowbrow customs narrow sporty Frisco gas tank and you can see one of the polished spinners that are in place and this is the cool Foster tank, this one is for a 2007 and up Sportster, this would be for an EFI or fuel-injected Sportster.

The cap it comes with is a vented knurled aluminum but you can swap that out with one of these new custom caps, this is the polished spinner and there's so a knurled version available both in polish and white. In addition to these fitments, we also make a threaded bung, this is mild steel and we also offer aluminum. You can weld this into any fluid vessel of your choosing, oil tank, gas tank et cetera and then one of these matching caps to fit. You can find these products and more at


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