VIDEO: The Great Lakes Escape Motorcycle Trip

Six days on the road with a small group of friends, riding 1,500 miles through the USA and Canada. Circumnavigating Lake Erie and Lake Huron while seeing all five of the Great Lakes. We called it the Great Lakes Escape, but it was really a reason to hit the road, disconnect the internet and have some fun. Living in the moment, sharing our experiences with each other at each stop or at the end of the day. Good company, good vibes and good times. The bikes were a mix, from a 1959 Harley-Davidson Panhead chopper and a 1967 Norton Atlas cafe racer to a couple of custom Sportsters, an FXR and a Softail. We wanted to share the good times we had on this trip with you, so we brought our friend Leland along to film some of the fun along the way. What we hope you get from this video is that trips like this are amazing and completely attainable. These are the good old days happening right now. Mark some days off on your calendar, grab some friends and hit the road! It's a wonderful way to see the world. Get out there and ride... Adventure awaits.

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