Video: The Sportster Treatment Kit - Wiring Sportster Choppers Made Easy

The Sportster Treatment kit eliminate most wires, handlebar controls, unneeded sensors, and relays on a stock Sportster. The wiring harness that comes with the kits contain all connectors already installed and can be customized based on where the key switch is mounted. These kits were designed so that anyone can install it and includes a detailed instruction booklet to help facilitate installation. Kits are available for 1994 up to 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster models.

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You can read the full full transcription of this video below:

Sportster Treatment's a kit I've been developing over the past few months. It basically eliminates just over-engineered wires that go into a stock Sportster, that eliminates all the handlebar controls, bank angle sensor bows, all the stuff, you really don't need to make your bike run right.

The Sportster Treatment Kit comes with the master harness that eliminates all the other wires, it comes with a key switch. It's three positions, it's bump to start, comes with a three-position toggle switch, so you can have high beam, low beam. It has the wires for your headlight housing, it has the key switch mount. Everything you need to basically eliminate all your other wires.

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