VIDEO: WX Split Gas Tanks for 1936-1984 Harley-Davidsons, Panhead, Shovelhead

We spent over two years developing the WX Gas Tanks for Harley-Davidson Big Twins 1936-1984. The idea was to do a split gas tank in the WR factory race bike style. WR tanks hold gasoline on one side and engine oil on the other. We made the WX gas tanks to have that type of look, but hold only gas. The hard part was making these tanks fit stock mounting points on the frame, while keeping a tight gap between the gas tanks. We think we did a great job, and all the excellent reviews coming in from customers who are running this tanks on their Harleys seem to agree!

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi. This is Tyler with Lowbrow Customs here in our showroom in Brunswick Ohio USA. Look at that. If you would like to stay in the know you can go ahead and click there and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You'll get notifications each time we upload one of these entertaining new videos. Okay. This is the WX tank from Lowbrow Customs. This is a product we've worked on from conception to actually having it available for you guys like it is now, probably over 2 years.

The idea behind this came from Harley-Davidson WR factory race bikes. They were a split gas tank, narrow like this, though one side held gasoline and one side was the oil tank for the bike. WX tanks are a play on that. The adjustable gasoline gets your bike down the road and the key features that we wanted these to be a bolt on part for your Harley-Davidson big twin, meaning no having a drill and weld ones in your frame or modified in any way.

The WX tanks fit Harley-Davidson big twin frames from 1936 all the way to 1984. They work killer with custom Panheads, Shovelheads. They look great, and one of the nicest features about them is, it will give you a custom look. But if you change your mind down the line or you simply want to switch it up, you can unbolt them go back to your stock tank or any another gas tank of your choosing.

These accept a standard Harley cam-style gas cap available black, chrome, and shallow height as well as deep. There's lots of option there. The capacity on these is about two and a quarter gallons, that's for both halves of the tank. You can see they're quite narrow and so it reduces your fuel capacity. However, I've ridden cross country in one of my own bikes in 93 inch S&S Panhead with these tanks and I needed a little more frequent fuel stops, but they definitely get the job done.

On this side of the WX tank, you can see some of the features. You got the different mounting points. If you're interested in seeing the install video, you can check that out and watch the full step by step how to video install.

Here you can see a crossover nipple that is for your air crossover between the tanks that allows each tank to vent to the other to make sure you are not getting a vapor lock for your fuel crossover which is located at the rear of the front of each side tank. You end up running a piece of rubber fuel line between the crossover to transfer the gas between both sides of the tank and a little piece here between these nipples on both sides to vent the air.

You can also see the petcock bung, this accepts any standard Harley-Davidson type 22 millimeter petcock. That will end up putting the petcock just outboard of your top motor mount, keeping it nice and clean, convenient, easy to access. WX gas tanks come ready to mount up to your bike. You can pressure test them, paint on and be good to go. They are quick and easy install with the design work that went into them and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You can check them out at Thanks very much.

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