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Winter Motorcycle Workshop Part 2

My goal was to create a well insulated bay so I could work in nice warm comfort  while it was 0 degrees and below outside. Went through about 8 or 9 tubes of caulk hitting every nook and cranny, spray foam, trim, caulk and smooth the seams before painting for a finished look and to get rid of drafts. Small natural gas wall heater is in, this bay is only about 200 sq ft, this heater is good for 400 sq ft heats up the bay in 5 minutes

Got a sweet lift for the bay from craigslist, air over oil hydraulic lift. Need to saw cut a spot in the center of the floor and dig out 4' deep, this sets down in there and has a flange that fits over the floor, so it is almost totally flush. Going to saw cut a channel to the wall and bury a hard line and put the air controls on the wall. Was going to go with a harbor freight lift, this is so much nicer and actually a bit cheaper. Access to all parts of the bike, the ram lifts up to 1000 lb 3' in the air. (NOTE: in retrospect this lift is really neat, but was such a pain to install that I could have easily gone with the normal style table lift and been just fine)Greg and I ran air from my garage through the attic of my Lowbrow Customs shop and into the attic of my new work bay. I had an air reel I was going to mount on the ceiling but Greg had a better idea and we ended up with a nice flush mounted air reel.

The piece of flooring will go back in in the attic, I used a hole saw to cut a nice circle and feed the hose back through it. It works perfect, butted the flange on the 4-wheel guide up to a floor joist and screwed it to it.

The hydraulic lift was a bigger pain in the ass than anticipated. The hole included cutting out drain tile and re routing drain spouts, jackhammering a big rock that ended up not being so big, and tons of ground water in my very moist land. Wrapped up the lift nice and watertight so it can sit in ground water if necessary. Coroplast (corrugated plastic, sign substrate), shrink wrap, heavy duty garbage bag, shrink wrap. And what do you know, the lift actually works!

Finished welding up the support for my new workbench last night, here is part of it. 1.5" x 1.5" x .125" angle, the top will be about 2'x 4', I have a slab of 1.25" wood then 1/8" steel plate to top it off.Floor sealed, airlines run, little crap to finish up and I am ready to start wrenching in here!

Final Notes: My shop has been done about 8 or 9 months now, and I work in there regularly on my bikes. It is really nice having all my tools on pegboard instead of all over the garage, and there is enough room to have a bike on the lift and another off to the side in progress without being in the way. It becomes a mess when I am doing grinding and fabrication work though, it would be ideal to use this as a motor building / assembly bay and have another area for doing grinding, drilling etc. There was a decent amount of work to finish this bay off, but as it is getting colder out now it is nice that I just turn on the heater and keep working in comfort.



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