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      Custom Motorcycle Handlebar Risers & Components for Sale  Lowbrow Customs Motorcycle Handlebar Risers Once you pick out the perfect set of handlebars from Lowbrow Customs take a look at our selection of motorcycle handlebar risers to help you...
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      Motorcycle Handlebar Risers FAQ

      How do I choose handlebar risers for my Harley?
      When choosing handlebar risers there are several things to consider: handlebar diameter, riser height, and style.
    • Handlebar diameter: Most motorcycles have 1'' diameter handlebars, though some (especially vintage British and Japanese motorcycles) have 7/8'' diameter handlebars. You need to use risers that are made for the diameter handlebars you are using.
    • Riser height: Risers come in many different heights, from 1.7''up to 14''. Often it looks best when a short riser is used with a tall bar, or a tall bar with a short riser. Many times a tall bar like Ape Hangers are used with a set of short handlebar risers, and a flat bar such as Drag Bars are paired with a taller set of risers. The height of the combined risers and handlebars affect the comfort of your riding position as well as ability to easily control the motorcycle. For more on this check out our Motorcycle Handlebars 101 Guide.
    • Style: There are many styles of risers available, though they all do the same job; holding your handlebars on to the front fork of your motorcycle! Choose the size and height you need with the design and finish (chrome, black, brass, etc) you like.
    • What is the distance between bolt holes of handlebar risers?
      Harley-Davidson handlebar risers are on 3-1/2" centers, as are many other motorcycles. Most springer front ends have riser spacing on 4-3/4" centers, as the risers typically bolt into the top of the rear springer leg. For more information on riser spacing, knurling, and handlebar measurements check out the Motorcycle Handlebars 101 Guide.
      What are the best risers for ape hangers?
      Because Ape Hangers are tall handlebars, extra clamping power at the risers is best. The leverage of the tall bars will allow the Ape Hangers to slip and rotate in the risers with a jolt, such as hitting a big bump, for instance. A one-piece handlebar riser clamp offers extra holding power, as there is more surface area of the riser contacting the handlebars. Once you have your bars at the angle you want, be sure to tighten down all the riser clamp bolts to ensure your handlebar won't slip.
      Will these risers work with stock cables?
      The most important thing to consider when changing your risers or handlebars is how much the overall height changes versus the stock riser / handlebar setup. Often, if your new riser / handlebar setup is similar to the stock ones, or within 2-3" taller, your stock cables and wiring will work.
      Cables and wiring can sometimes be re-routed a bit to give a tiny bit of extra slack if needed. If the new risers and bars change the height considerably, you may need to get extended throttle cables and a longer clutch cable, and extend your wiring by splicing in additional length. It takes a bit of effort to get that custom look, but when done right the result is well worth it!.