Bungs not only solve problems, they save you money. Having an assortment of threaded bungs will save hours of work in the garage or workshop. Making individual bungs one-off on a lathe takes real time, and if you put a higher value on your time than five or ten dollars an hour, then you will understand that just because you can make something does not always mean you should! From standard thread blind tophat bungs for mounting fuel and oil tanks (or anything else for that matter) to specialty bungs like ⅛ and ¼ inch NPT, 22mm and other assorted threads used for oil and motorcycle gas tanks, we have all the most commonly needed options available. Handlebar riser bungs make custom motorcycle handlebars a breeze. There are a variety of materials available, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Lowbrow bungs are not only useful for motorcycles, but also on hot rods, race vehicles of all sorts, offroad and overlanding vehicles, and anything else (motor vehicle or not) that is fabricated or customized. Not sure exactly what you need, or want to make it easy on yourself? Grab one of our Fabricator Bung Assortments to keep in your workshop. Made in the USA.

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