Full Face Helmets

Way back in the early 2010’s it was near impossible to find a retro style, full-face helmet that was DOT approved. Lucky for you and me Biltwell introduced the Gringo helmet, followed by the Gringo-S (which is the same as a Gringo helmet but has an integrated, flip-up face shield included). These helmets quickly became the go-to for motorcyclists world-wide, from the cafe racer scene to choppers to stock bikes, their understated style appealed to those who didn’t want 37 distinct tech features and plenty of tribal graphics peppering their helmets. The next full face, DOT helmet to hit the scene was the Biltwell Lane Splitter. A little stylized and with a handful more features, the Lane Splitter has an aggressive look for the modern human on-the-go. Perfect for splitting lanes on your FXR, jammin around town on your Shovelhead or carving twisties on your sport bike.

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