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Lowbrow Customs P-Nut Gas Tanks

Lowbrow Customs debuted the Original P-Nut Gas Tank years ago. It is a reproduction of the Wassell peanut tanks that were used on custom bikes (especially on Triumph and BSA, but also on many Harley choppers) of the 1950's, 60's and 70's. We wanted to offer an option for a new gas tank that was better quality than the originals, was available without having to hunt through swap meets or online auction sites, and that didn't need a ton of work because of rust, dents, or leaky seams. The P-Nut gas tank has been so popular with our customers that we offer other varieties. The Original P-Nut gas tank has a deep tunnel and sits down low on your motorcycle's frame backbone. We also offer a mid-tunnel version that, as it's name implies, sits midway down on your frame, and a Frisco tunnel (very shallow) version that sits up high on your frame. Lowbrow stocks a wide array of petcocks and motorcycle gas caps that work with these gas tanks as well, when it comes to chopper and bobber gas tanks and accessories we have the best selection in the world!

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