EMGO - Steel - Motorcycle Exhaust

For over 50 years EMGO has produced a large array of both stock replacement as well as custom motorcycle parts for a wide variety of bikes. Handlebars, coils, handlebar controls, mufflers and other exhaust components, gas tanks, cables, just to name a handful. EMGO is known for their high quality, affordable parts.
In addition to complete custom motorcycle exhaust systems, you will also find a selection of header pipes, exhaust heat shields, DIY motorcycle exhaust pipe kits, header wrap, mufflers (such as cocktail shaker mufflers and reverse cone megaphones) and other exhaust components for your bike. This selection of parts is perfect for modifying the exhaust on your motorcycle or for building a complete set of custom exhaust pipes for your Harley-Davidson Sportster or Big Twin, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha or any other bike!

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