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Since 2004 Lowbrow Customs has been at the forefront of designing new motorcycle parts and accessories for the home and professional bike builder alike.

Motorcycle Grips are sold in pairs and are available in two common size options, which refer to the diameter of the handlebar tubing: 1 inch motorcycle grips or 7/8 inch motorcycle grips. Harley-Davidson motorcycles have 1 inch handlebars, as do most modern cruiser-style bikes. You will find 7/8 inch diameter handlebars on vintage British motorcycles such as Triumph, BSA, and Norton, as well as older Japanese and European motorcycles such as Honda, Yamaha and BMW. Any pair of motorcycle grips will have two different inside diameters. This is because your left hand grip slips over the bare handlebar (1 inch diameter, for instance) while the right hand grip is installed onto the throttle tube on the right side of your motorcycle handlebars (which would be 1-1/8 inch).

There are many styles of custom motorcycle grips available to change the look, feel and comfort of your bike. Most grips are rubber, though there are other options available such as machined aluminum or brass grips. Rubber tends to be the grip material of choice for most riders as it dampens vibration and is comfortable during long rides. There are also some unique materials available, such as the Jason Jessee Signature Series Cork grips, which are a mixture of actual cork and krayton rubber, giving an organic look which looks right at home on vintage motorcycles. Machined brass or aluminum grips are typically held in place with a set screw that will keep them firmly in place on your handlebars, while rubber grips stay on by being a tight fit, or in some cases, with adhesive. Machined metal grips, such as Pursuit Grips, can have a heavy knurling that gives a very secure grip, and they can also offer a more aggressive look and feel than many rubber grips.

Many styles of custom grips are available for your motorcycle, from a subdued style with neutral colors like the Knurled Grips, to striped Flying Monkey Grips in a variety colors or marbled colors such as Beck Grips. Whichever style or color you would like for your motorcycle, there is surely something available to fit your tastes. From mild to wild, Lowbrow Customs carries all the best in motorcycle grips!

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