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Sully's Customs builds high quality seats at a low price for the garage or backyard builder. Out of necessity Sully 's Customs started building seats in 2011 to meet his needs that no other seat manufacturer could. Boom a seat business is born.
When it comes to custom motorcycle seats and mounting hardware, you have come to the right place. Lowbrow offers many options for both modern and vintage motorcycles. Solo seats can refer to a sprung solo seat that offers a bit of suspension on a chopper or bobber as well as any rigid mounted motorcycle seat that is meant for a single rider. A two up seat is exactly what it sounds like; a seat meant for both a rider and a passenger. Sprung solo seats require a solo seat pivot as well as seat springs, either barrel or hairpin style. Lowbrow has both available in both black and chrome plated. Also available are a variety of solo seat spring mounts, with weld-on and bolt-on varieties available, all made in the USA.

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