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For nearly 100 years Hastings Manufacturing Company based in Hastings, Michigan USA, has been serving the internal combustion industry with the design and manufacture of high-quality piston rings that improve combustion efficiency and reduce oil consumption. Recognized as a premier supplier to the engine industry, Hastings has earned its reputation as a leader in piston ring technology.
Pangea Speed specializes in building Handcrafted Chopper Parts. Whether you ride a brand new sportster or a traditional 60′s chopper we have Parts to fit your project. Maybe you are the type that prefers to hop on your motorcycle and ride to Mexico, or maybe you just like jamming around town? All our parts go through an extensive design process to ensure they are engineered to stand the test of time. Take an adventure on your chopper!       
Dedicated to the mother of all roads, the Panamericana. And because it is some 18,630 miles long, PanAm is the brand for everything for the long haul from lubricants, parts and accessories, including round the world trips.

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