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Avon has been making high quality tyres since 1904, tyres that fit all sorts of cars and motorbikes, vans and trailers. And over the years Avon has not only proved itself on the road but also on the racetracks of the world, on two wheels as well as four.
We carry front and rear motorcycle tires from a variety of brands from around the world. Our selection is honed in on vintage style tread patterns and unique brands and offerings, such as the Bates Baja Tires, which are the ideal choice for street or dirt tracker motorcycles, or any custom motorcycle that needs great traction on road as well as dirt, sand or grass. US Valley Tires offer a wide array of vintage trade patterns including Diamond and the zig-zag Firestone Deluxe pattern, very popular choices for classically styled custom and stock vintage motorcycles alike. And of course, Avon Tires, with the ever popular Speedmaster 21 inch front tires and Safety Mileage rear tires, which are a classic duo that looks good on stock bikes, choppers, cafe racers, or most any other style for that matter!

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