Show Class People's Champ Voting 2017

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BEN STANLEY Show Class People's Champ 2017

I'm building a 69 generator shovel. I built a hardtail for a mid 70's frame to wishbone panhead specs using 1" tube and panhead axle plates. I did all the machine work on the motor and machined a narrow 4 over VL inspired springer from 2" 4140 solid stock. I used a Harley spring perch casting and a narrowed front leg casting. The tanks are early 90s softail tanks that I have narrowed 2 inches, moved the filler caps out, mid tunneled, and moved the petcock to the rear. I have also converted them to tank shift and made all the linkage as close to panhead spec as I could and used a knuckle shifter gate. I made a stainless sissybar with a removable WW2 Bayonet. Adam at River Seat covered a cobra style pan I made. Rocker clutch, stainless bars that I bent up, Internal throttle, juice drum rear, homeade midstar spool up front, wassel fender in the rear, Super B with dual thunderjets and brass linkert style strainer. Not really building a particular style just going with what I think works right or wrong.


BRANDON WURTZ Show Class People's Champ 2017

This 1969 Honda CB350 is my take on a 60's style chopper. Her name is "Honey Wagon" which is an old trucker slang for a beer truck. She's going to have a 6-pack tray tucked in the frame below the battery box for beer runs. Along with the good times vibe, I wanted to build something that shows my style and taste while keeping the bike as traditional as possible. Another goal with the "Honey Wagon" is to show and remind people that Honda's were actually very popular back in the day to build into a chopper. Pick up a Street Chopper or any other similar chopper magazine from the 70's and you'll definitely see several Honda choppers. I opened Rawhide Cycles a year ago near my hometown of Boise, Idaho after 6 years apprenticing under a master vintage Honda mechanic in California. My shop specializes in pre-1978 Honda street bikes so you'll be seeing a lot more Honda's around. Hope y'all dig the "Honey Wagon" and find it refreshing in the scene.


BRENT MAGGARD Show Class People's Champ 2017

I'd been sitting on this motor for a while so when Show Class announced the Peoples Champ 5 contest I jumped on the chance to throw my hat in the ring. I scored the 1947 FL 84” stroker from an old timer in Vegas, the 48 frame and 50’s trans I got from a buddy. The frame was pretty fucked up, but it was a good start for the direction I wanted to go. I'm running a Hydraglide front end with a 18” rear, and a 19” hamburger in the front laced up by Buchanan. The wheels came from another cool dude in Vegas. That place seems to be the spot for solid deals. Regatta Garage bent up the bars, the brake and clutch pedal are from Pangea, and the seat & P-Pad are from River Seat Co. Rumor has it JP Rodman is cooking up something special to top my jockey shifter. Whats left to be made or modified will be done by me. I'm thinking a tall as shit sissy bar, and equally tall 2 into one pipe. This will be a bike built to ride. I don’t want to sweat the paint, or polish aluminum all the time. This bike will be built using normal bolts, normal parts, nothing crazy, everything should be able to be fixed or replaced on the road. Its gonna be my ripper, fingers crossed I finish it by May so I can break it in on my way to Mexico. I cant think of a better shakedown than The El Diablo Run. Thanks!


BRIAN STANLEY Show Class People's Champ 2017

This is my 1975 shovelhead with matching 4 speed. It has an S&S stoker kit. It's sitting in a stock frame with haifley brothers hard tail. It is raked to 45° with and old Arlen ness narrow springer. The front rim is a stock 21 with a bobs cycle supply spool hub. Rear is a repop dual flange. Both are powder coated black with Buchanan stainless spokes. The tank is molded to the frame and molding throughout is done in metal. This bike is mostly made in my garage with minimal hand tools and occasional lathe work at a friends shop and my day job. Thanks for looking!


BRYAN TRIGILA Show Class People's Champ 2017

I've got a 74 shovelhead in a rigid frame stretched 4" up. Engine is a 91" stroker with a Morris mag, and S&S Dual throat. A BDL belt drive and Rivera primo pro clutch will transfer power to the CalProducts-cased 4 speed. This was my first time building a tank and tail section completely from scratch. Currently putting the finishing touches on the rigid front end. 21" spool front, and 15" juice drum rear Invaders. There will be some stainless touches, including the upper motor mount and foot controls. A pie-cut titanium exhaust is on the menu as well. Trying to keep this thing clean and smooth. Thanks to Show Class for letting me be involved, and I hope you guys dig it.


CHRIS LEWIS Show Class People's Champ 2017

Hey guys! Chris Lewis from the Twin Cities, Minnesota area here, and I’m stoked to be a contender for this years People’s Champ 5! I’m self taught and fairly capable when it comes to welding, machining, sheet metal fabrication, and foundry work. My build is based off of an early 1930’s Harley VL chassis (frame and I-beam springer) that I’m modifying to fit a 1968 generator shovelhead motor. The shovel motor will be getting the full show treatment (rebuild, polish, etc.) over the winter. I’m building the brand new 18” and 21” wheels with the best of everything and the VL springer will be completely chromed and rebuilt. For sheet metal I’m currently fabricating my own rad little one of a kind gas tank with some cool little details that you’ll see soon . I’ll be making my own oil tank, I just bent up my own handlebars (12” narrow apes) and I’ll be machining up my own risers to mount some Flanders riser clamps in the rear legs of the VL springer. I’ll be fabricating a rocker clutch set up and my own hand shift set up. I’m also making some velocity stacks for a vintage Two Throat carb, I’m bending up a custom sissy bar, making a leather rigid mounted solo seat, and there’ll be no shortage of chrome. For paint I’m thinking some 60’s style pearls, if there’s any metal flake in the paint at all, it’ll be tiny flakes and they’ll be few and far between. It’ll be a well thought out, well designed, and well built, proper chopper with plenty of surprises along the way. This is the bike that I’ve been dreaming of building for myself for several years and I’m super stoked to see it finally taking shape! Thanks for your consideration!


CHRISTIAN NEWMAN Show Class People's Champ 2017

I’ve devoted so much time into this 1940 knucklehead that it might as well be an extension of my personality. Motor and transmission aside, I have designed, fabricated, and assembled every piece of the frame and fork with the exception of the tires, chainring, brake rotor, a few misc. parts and some (but not nearly all) of the hardware. It’s constructed almost exclusively of 316 stainless steel, which has been mirror polished prior to welding. Noteworthy features: one-off stainless girder fork with adjustable dampening. Headlight built from scratch to utilize glass parking lens from 51 Chevy. Scratch made riser pass completely through the top clamp and bolt to the bottom clamp for added fork stability. Handlebar final design has not been determined. One off stainless neck casting has a pair of 1940 walking liberty half dollars pressed into it. Oil passes through frame to eliminate most of the visible oil lines. Vastly reimagined kicker setup on an OEM style 4 speed has exposed kicker gears, a unique kicker spring return mechanism, and an automotive inspired throwout fork. One of a kind external drive allows for extremely narrow frame construction, with sprocket and rotor located outboard of axle plates that measure 4 inches inside. Hubs are one off, with the front utilizing a half radial, half 4 cross lacing pattern. If you appreciate fine detail, intricate parts and maybe a bit of over engineering, then I suspect you will appreciate this bike. Moving forward will be the construction of an oil tank and a pair of very unique taillights utilizing lenses from a pre-war Hudson automobile. The paint will be simple, one or two colors. Most importantly, I would like to thank everyone at Show Class for allowing me to participate in this contest, people who have supported me and shown appreciation following night after night of seemingly endless work and most importantly, my family and the lovely @ebdecke for the never-ending encouragement. Thanks again for the support. I hope to see everyone at BF9.


CODY KEMMETT Show Class People's Champ 2017

This is my 49' Panhead chopper I’m building. It will be a fully polished motor with dual carb heads running linkerts. 19 and 21 high shouldered wheels with an Apollo spool up front. Frame will get some paint from my man @flyingweasel and everything else will be either chromed mild or polished stainless.


CONRAD MIZZELL Show Class People's Champ 2017

She’s moving along! I put the Evo Motor in to see how it fits, but I'm still waiting on the Morris M5 magneto and the alternator cover to come in. The 39mm front end is put together, and I’m still doing the dual disc break, fork brace and a steering dampener up front. As you can see in the picture, I only have one rotor so far. I found some sweet bars that fit the build: itty bitty @FreakShowFab Handlebars. I’m also using Baker 6 into 4 transmission with Main Drive tranny mid-controls. There’s a disc break in the rear with a BridgeStone Spitfire tire. I'm using a Narrow Mustang gas tank with dual petcocks to run the twin webber 45 carburetors. I'm adding a Scorpion leather seat and I've decided to use an old school chrome chopper headlight. I still have some work to do! The fender, taillight and oil bag are yet to be completed. Finally, I plan to paint the frame, rear fender, clutch basket and gas tank with a black and red crackle effect paint. I wanted to say thanks for the incredible opportunity of being a part of People's Champ 5. I’m excited to see how all this turns out.


CURT BENNETT Show Class People's Champ 2017

For People's Champ 5, I'm building a one piece chopper. Molded in frame, gas & oil tanks, and fender. The paint is a cadillac pearl white with straw blown colot splatters (jawbreaker) with the drop on the tank going gumball pink. I'm running a chrome chain springer, apes, and sissy bar. The pipes are running one out each side, high & tight, inside the frame rails. Lastly I'm using an HD 4.75" stroker Shovelhead with dual 40mm round slides mounted on some butchered heads I've done up. Thanks for the chance at this, I'm not sleeping until cooks corner!


DEVON NALDER Show Class People's Champ 2017

I purchased a set of flathead power dual carb knuckleheads last year, and I am going to be building a 108.5" hotrod knucklehead. Using trock 3 13/16" barrels with a 4 3/4" stroke. Cases have been fully polished as well as the g5 magneto, the oil cooler, and the twin mikuni hrs 42mm carbs. Frame is a straight leg panhead frame that I have stretched up two inches and deraked to 27 deg. I have a matching two inch stretch springer with some Ron finch I beam risers I will be using. Going to be building a one off finned aluminum enclosed primary to join up to a full polish baker 6 speed. Front wheel is a 21" high shoulder akront, and sportster drum. Everything fully polished. Drum is being converted to a twin leading shoe by myself. Rear wheel is a 16" high shoulder morad rim laced to a star hub and a mechanical brake. Rear brake is being converted to twin leading shoe as well. Bike will be black with a flame job on the tank and lots of chrome and polish. Basically I am building a traditionalish knuck chop that can run with modern bikes with no problems. Thanks for checking it out!


EDDIE CATLIN Show Class People's Champ 2017

I'm building a Triumph chopper for the People's Champ5 competition. I didn't want to get in over my head on this build. I want a bike that'll be good to look at and good to ride. The cases have been polished and the top end ceramic coated. I will be chroming the frame and polishing the rear fender and oil tank. Not 100% sure about paint yet. I'm a one man team without any kind of actual shop space. It's basically just me, a small set of hand tools, and a 110 mig welder. The wheels are 19" rear and 23" front. Hope everyone likes it! Thanks.


ERIC HARRIS Show Class People's Champ 2017

The bike I am building is my interpretation of the early to mid 60's style short show bike chopper. It's a 1955 Harley Davidson Panhead. Everything I'm using on the build was available in early 60's or is modeled after parts from the era. I am hand building the sissy bar, controls and many of the small parts. I will be running modified pan head floor boards with a custom foot clutch and a jockey shift set up. To keep the bars clean there will be an internal throttle and nothing else. Paint will consist of a beautiful tank set up painted by Imperial House customs, and tons of chrome. I am working hard to make this bike come together and can't wait to have it out at Born-Free 9. Looking forward to seeing all the other builders bikes and meeting everyone. Thanks for the opportunity Show Class!


ERIC MARSHALL Show Class People's Champ 2017

I'm building your typical tough guy bike, 71 cone, sitting in a single downtube, loop tailed frame, up 2 out 3 with a 38 degree rake, the rear loop is notched out for a mechanical brake, t bars with an internal throttle, tall spade sissy, short pipes, the seat is made by @bnc_cycles, paint is being done by @flyingweasel_ Everything I could of built with the minimal tools I have I did, l'm hoping this baby wheelies so the ladies will dump out some sweet titties!


ERIC THOMPSON Show Class People's Champ 2017

I started with the radically extreme idea of actually running a flathead motor in a flathead frame, and then veered off from there. The bike is going to be a traditional 60s custom, leaning more towards the British side. The 1948 G motor sits in a solo flathead frame with an original RL springer holding up the front. The rest of the bike is mostly all Triumph starting with a pre unit cast aluminum chain case, primary drive, 4 speed transmission (that's been internally flycut to run a later 5 speed gear set) and a triumph drum rear, with a dual leading shoe triumph drum up front. Both wheels will be rebuilt and laced to high shoulder alloy rims. The rippled rear fender is one of those parts that starts a chain reaction and a lot of headaches. I'm now commited to running ripples down the center of the repop wassel tank to match. It will all be done in sheet metal, and chromed. The handlebars and sissy bar will be nice and tall and consist of a mix of period and modern parts and a lot of creative and understated machining and fabrication. Before it's over the bike will be wearing an amal carb, some very cool lighting, a solo seat and p-pad, British style controls, a whole lot of chrome and polished aluminum, and topped off with a little tasteful paint.


GEORGE COUNES Show Class People's Champ 2017

So far this bike looking like a "Vintage style racer". Heavy weight class. I built the frame and forks pretty much on a dare/challenge. They are made out of cold rolled 1018 flat bar. All the drilling and counter sinking was done by hand on the mill. After the cutting and machining the fork leaf springs I had them re-arched to avoid alignment and handling issues. The motor is a pre S&S Flathead Power 93" knuck, never been fired. The trans is a early Knuck, 37-39. Both are coming apart to go through everything and do some polishing. I have two RILEY carbs that came off 1940's OFFY 110 sprint car that I'm going to be fabbing a manifold for. The fuel tank is a 1927 Indian Chief. I like clean bikes that you can ride the hell out of, no extra bull shit. Above all, this bike will be a reliable machine that's built to ride!


HAWKE LAWSHE Show Class People's Champ 2017

This is "DYSLEXIA", my entrant for People's Champ 5! This chopper started it's life as a 1981 HD XLS1000. The theme is using as many reversed, flipped, spun, inverted & backwards details as possible without losing the classic styling of a '70's rigid long bike. She rolls on 16 & 19 invaders with vintage tires. Her fork's a 21" over tapered, twisted, narrow Paughco with a cro's nest, curvy rabbits & an internal throttle. The headlight's an early shovel taillight housing, frenched to a tiny "cowl" with an amber lens. The power plant is an Ironhead with the trans cut off, heads swapped front to rear & spun 180°, so the intake and exhaust ports dump out the left, the pushrods and split rockers stay in their stock configuration and that will link up to a midshaft ratchet top with twisted shifter and custom Karata primary. Carb is an SU on a custom manifold to sweep up and forward out the left & exhaust will be curvy duals with inverted fishtails. The frame's a heavily modified Shortster hardtail with curvy 1" tubing, smoothed stock neck & hand built motor mounts & a kickstand on the right. The tall skinny frisco tank, oil tank & tapered round fender are all molded in to the frame. Sissybar is handlebar height, curved & twisted. The seat's an uber skinny king/queen goin all the way up the sissy, tuck and roll, pearl white with gold piping. Her paint's a bronze /white pearl with gold leaf flames goin backwards up the frame and tins. Gold plated and polished brass hardware throughout the entire bike. The controls are one-off mids using a rocker clutch and a brake pedal that's also the peg. No fixed pegs, and ALL her parts are either hand built or modified to some degree. I wanted to build a rideable, super classy, era correct show chopper with just enough weird stuff to keep it interesting. Thanks for the interest & support in my build and remember to VOTE! CHEERS !


JAKE SILVER Show Class People's Champ 2017

Hey there! My name is Jake Silver and I'm from Johns Island, SC. My goal here is to build a chopper. A chopper that you can actually ride. Something practical and somewhat reliable. I want something that I can fix on the fly and keep on jamming down the road. I can't stand chrome, it looks good but down here by the beach it doesn't last for shit. I'll be using mostly stainless and aluminum for this build. What I've got here is a 1959 Panhead with a Morris G5 and a CV carb with a PANIFOLD. All that plus a 1960 4 speed sitting in a Mullins witch finder general. Probably the best frame I've ever laid eyes on. It's rolling on high shoulder aluminum rims with stainless spokes built by Visionary Cycle Products. Allstate dirtman on the rear and a Firestone up front. The front end consists of a set of trees by Jr's Cycle Products that I modified to be even thinner with 8 over tubes and Visionary lowers & stainless bars and risers. I'll be building the oil tank and stainless exhaust finished of with tiny stainless fish scales down the pipes. I'm keeping it low in the back with a stainless strut design using two of Prism Moto's tail lights. Going full show paint on the frame and tins. Vote for me and watch this late 60s style tall boy come to life!


JAMES BLOOMFIELD Show Class People's Champ 2017

For Peoples Champ 5 I'm building a low and long digger, approximately 10 feet long with a 22 inch seat height. Rake at 50 degrees. Powered by a 75 Ironhead, the frame is so low the rocker sits higher than the frame and it is a bitch to get the motor in and out. Running a VW Carb on top of engine. Running chrome Invaders for rims front and back. Front end will have a Harman style girder. Molded body with Seth at Dirty Gold in Texas @dirtygold77 laying down the paint. Color is going to be Burgundy and Red's with gold accents. Engine case & jugs will be same burgundy as frame with chrome, 24K gold plating, and engraving on rockers, primary, and cam cover. Gas tank will be sunk into front of motor with a digger line. Molding and trimming with round bar to give th body some nice lines. Handle bars will be low and V shaped. I'm building this as radical as possible. Hope y'all enjoy the build, to get an idea of the end result check out the September 1972 issue of Street Chopper's cover bike. Thanks!


JEFF KEREVAN Show Class People's Champ 2017

What can you really say about building something that there is no good use for. The whole idea doesn't make any sense, figuring out how it was all going to go together made even less sense. Looking at traditional trikes was no help, and the occasional internet pic didn't help either. Now I'm to far along to pack it in and in the end I'll be stuck with this thing thats gonna take up too much space in the shop or garage, cost way too much to build, and be a magnet for every cop in the city to pull me over and give me safety violations. I can hardly wait! So on top of building one of the odder bikes in the contest, I'm also the only Canadian and its a jap bike, it's like I'm begging to lose. The only answer I have for any of this is fun! Motorcycles are fun! Trikes are fun! I like fun! It's a Rigid CB750 Trike Chopper with a punched out motor and twisty pipes.


JORDAN HEATHCOCK Show Class People's Champ 2017

I got this amen savior frame about a year ago, it was completely molded & we want to pretty much re do what was there just do it right! Some things we are changing will be the rear fender with the tail light will be worked into it and it will all be molded into the frame with the oil tank. The rear brakes will be a set of dual vintage calipers by performance machine, wrapped around an oversized caliper. The front end is an AEE 22 over springer. Dual 5 spoke invader rims. We will be feeding it gas by 2 Amal carbs to keep the dual theme going a bit. The fender and tank will have some art deco textured celing tiles pulled from an old plantation home here in the south. They will be worked into the molding and acented by the paint. I will completely rebuild the 1949 Panhead and trans with a full overhaul. There will be no battery and it will be mag fired! Slight over bore, still low compression with a slight stroke and a slight cam. So here it is this is where we are at the moment, thanks!!


MICHAEL ALTON Show Class People's Champ 2017

So after watching the guys on the Wall of Death a few years ago, I decided I wanted to build a cool ass 40s style WL/WR bobber, but with a reliable modern day power plant. I found an 02' sportster, a WL frame, and an inline springer with speedster bars and went to work. I used a set of 19" shouldered aluminum rims with Coker diamond tread tires. I really like what EMD has been doing with their side covers and electric kicker, so I tracked down their parts to add to the overall look of the bike. There's a lot of fabrication that went into this, that nobody will really ever notice or appreciate, to get a sportster engine into this frame. I got ahold of Led Sled an picked up a cool foot clutch. I've also got a custom split tank that my buddy Derek Mckenzie made, that's got gas on the left and oil and gas on the right. People give me shit about it, but I don't care, it's my bike not theirs. The bike's overall look is pretty spot on so far, and once it's painted and the custom graphics that Joe over at 0_given is making for me the bike will look exactly how I want it!


MIKE RABIDEAU Show Class People's Champ 2017

I started with a 1981 Shovelhead swing arm frame I modified to give it a more classic look. I lowered the seat rails an inch and a half, replaced the back bone and down tubes, and trimmed and windowed the neck. The front end will have black top line tubes in a set of narrow polished trees and lower legs with a 21" spool wheel. Out back is a 19" rear wheel with dual HD calipers. The drivetrain is a fully polished & rebuilt HD Shovelhead with a polished Baker 6 speed trans and an open 530 chain primary with a Primo clutch. I made the gas and oil tanks and radiused an 18" fender to fit the 19" wheel with the tall tire. The bike will be finished off with a paint job from Shawn Long at Imperial. Should be just a clean looking swing arm Shovelhead, not overly done. Less is more to me! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to push through this bike for a good reason!


SCOTTY DETTWILER Show Class People's Champ 2017

I'm building a 1969 HD Shovelhead in a one-off single downtube frame that blends some of my favorite styling of different era frames with my own twist like incorporating panhead axle plates and castings, and formed a cradle under the engine like a VL frame and rolled all the rest of the tubing and tied it all in with a custom neck and all the gussets. Going with a 19/21 wheel combo and a 2+ Narrow PCP VL springer up front. Aluminum rear fender and narrow sporty for the tins that will get all their little details to match the overall look. Modified panhead oil bag that will hide my coil, battery and electrical and get some extra shape and details. I custom machined all the material that is being used in different sizes for the Brake arm, kickshift, floorboard stanchions, motor mount sissybar etc. so there wont be any generic round stock used, and will be custom sand casting a set of my mini floorboards. I have a simple style i like to build and try and pack as much little details into as I can and believe you can get both form and function into a show bike that looks great and is 100% functional, comfortable, and practical. Thanks!


SHAWN PHELPS Show Class People's Champ 2017

I'm building a '39 knuck half spaceship half long bike. I acquired a front end from my friend Freddie Hernandez back home in BERDOO before I moved to Idaho last year and decided it was time to build this bad boy up! It's a 40" over rigid made of chromoly. The frame is 7" up 55 degree rake and 2" out. I love the molded long bikes from the late 70's but wanted to push as many hard lines as I could with the frame and sheet metal. I made a one off prism tank fully boxed in and welded to the frame. One off prism fender boxed and built to the frame. The neck, downtubes, and legs are all boxed in and peaked in metal. Crazy flat bar sissy that follows the hard angles of the fender and square spoke invader wheels. The handlebars are cut and welded instead of bent to show harder angles and run directly out of the fork tubes independent from each other. The drivetrain is a 39 knucklehead built by Dan Carr and a 48 trans. Got a juice brake, linkert carb, and a bunch of soon to be made odds and ends!! Love it or hate it... it won't look like the rest of bikes in the parking lot! Haha!! Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing all the rad shit that comes out of the competition!

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