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Bike Spotlight: Dave's Lean & Mean Triumph Chopper

Dave Wilt sent us some pics of his recently completed custom vintage Triumph. We were stoked on it and wanted to share!

"Hey there Tyler just wanted to send you a couple pictures of my bike. I owe alot of thanks to you guys at Lowbrow. You guys were the best company I dealt with on this project and look forward to dealing with you on my next project. These pictures were taken down at Beatersville in Louisville, KY by John Jackson. Thanks again for y'alls support. By the way my last order I got your new race support t-shirt and love the color. First ride I get off bike and the back left side of the shirt is covered with circles of oil from the chain. Kinda adds character."

Triumph Chopper
Triumph Chopper
Triumph Chopper
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