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Garrett's Dirt Tracker Inspired Harley-Davidson Sportster

This dirt track-inspired Sporty comes from Garrett Brittenham:

"It's a '95 1200H. Had the goofy longhorn bars, saddlebags, fringe etc. when I got it. It has 18" rear wheel and 19" front, Sun rims, stainless spokes, Dunlop K180 tires. Up front is a set of Buell M2 forks that I shaved and polished. M2 caliper and rotor, on a one-off rotor carrier.

Out back, hacked off the fender struts, built aluminum brackets to mount the XR seat, which is from Grand Prix Glassworks in Wyoming. I had a fiberglass XR tank on there for awhile, but the ethanol took it's toll on it and it melted. Now it has a '70s Superglide tank. I miss the XR tank, but it's nice having fewer fuel stops.

I chopped the cam and sprocket covers, and installed Andrews N2 cams. Pretty much the only motor mod unless you count pipes and A/C. Rearsets are from Chainsikle, but I replaced the shift side with a homemade bracket to adapt a Buell XB shifting mechanism. Works a lot better.

Lots of paint and parts help from the Quad Cam Bastards."

Harley Davidson Sportster Dirt Tracker


Harley Davidson Sportster Dirt Tracker


Harley Davidson Sportster Dirt Tracker
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