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How to Install: Lowbrow Customs Rogue Fender


The Rogue Fender from Lowbrow Customs is a heavy-gauge, steel fender that is bolt-on fitment to 1958 - 1984 Harley-Davidson Big Twins using the included chrome plated fender struts and mounting hardware. Instead of the typical choice to run a stock rear fender or a repop stock rear fender, you can now add some custom style to your moto with ease. Whether a mild custom, chopper or race-inspired performance machine, the Rogue Fender looks right at home while standing up to the rigors of the road.

- Bolt-on fitment to '58-'84 H-D Big Twins - Precision die stamped & CNC laser cut construction - Heavy 12 gauge raw steel - Chrome steel fender struts included

Note: Make sure you have proper tire-to-fender clearance. When you are not sitting on the bike you should have about 4" between the tire and fender.

Tools needed for the job

3/8 drive ratchet 1/4 drive ratchet 1/2 inch wrench 9/16 wrench and socket 3/16 allen 15/16 socket

Let's Get Started! 

Lowbrow Customs - Rogue Fender install - step1-6139

Step 1 - Remove stock fender.


Step 2 - Install new fender struts on the inside of the frame with recessed side facing in as shown in picture above.

Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---step-3-6150 Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---step-3-6163

Step 3 - Install stock 5/8 nylock nuts to both shock studs


Step 4 - Install fine thread 3/8-24 x 1 1/2" bolts with flat washer and lock washer (we suggest to use blue Locktite)

Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---step-5-6182 Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---step-5-6185

Step 5 - To install the fender, place under the struts on the tire and bring it up instead of forcing it down into the struts.

Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---step-6-6188 Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---step-6-6204

Step 6 - Install the 6 fasteners from the kit to the remaining fender holes. Note: it's easier to put one nut and bolt on each side first to keep the fender balanced. (Make sure to use blue Locktite)

Before Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---before-6140

After Lowbrow-Customs---Rogue-Fender-install---after-6212

For more help you can watch Todd go step by step via video.

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