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Steve's 1966 Swingarm Triumph Chopper

1966 Triumph TR6 Chopper

Hey Lowbrow Crew, Great site - some amazing work you're doing! Just wanted to take a quick second of your time to let you know how things on the miserable and cold East Coast are...

I'm sending some pics of my 1966 Triumph TR6 swingarm chopper - my good friend Harley did all the design, paint and body work; our friend Kenji did the lettering and striping, and the motor, electrical and exhaust was done by an old timer named Travis here in CT.

1966 Triumph TR6 Chopper


Naturally, the bike is chock-a-block full of frantically ordered Lowbrow parts. I will say that out of all the 10 million things that held up the completion of this beauty, working with and ordering from Lowbrow was NOT one of those hold-ups. Shipping was fast and safe, as always.

Keep up the great work,

Steve Karp

CT, East Coast, USA


1966 Triumph TR6 Chopper


1966 Triumph TR6 Chopper
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