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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Apps

The smartphone and mobile app industries have undoubtedly changed the way we live on a day-to-day basis. A vast, almost unlimited network of information and resources can now be held in the palm of your hand. But with the constantly evolving nature of the industry, it's almost impossible to keep up with every new app and tweak that is released. Who has time to be a computer nerd with good riding weather on the horizon? This list has been created to make sure you spend more time riding this summer than reading app reviews. We've compiled a list of ten apps that in some fashion enhance the motorcycling experience.

Ulysse Speedometer Pro


Android - Speedometer apps are quite handy to have. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Didn't my bike come with a speedometer?" Of course it did, but those don't always remain accurate, particularly after lots of custom modifications to your bike. Additionally, they are nowhere near as powerful as this app. In fact, it probably has more features than you'll ever really use. It can keep track of and display your current speed (up to 1160 mph for those trips down the Autobahn), average speed, elevation and much more. If you use it in your car it also features a really cool option called "hud mode" which mirrors the display so that you can have it face down and reflect off of your window. It also has built-in features to test your 0-60 and 1 mile times. The only major downside is that it is only available for the Android operating system, and it is not known if the developers plan to release an iPhone version. For an iOS alternative, try Speedometer by Sygic, which is available for free in the app store but does not offer as many features as Ulysse Speedometer Pro.



iPhone - Android - Is there a worse feeling than filling up your tank only to discover cheaper fuel right down the road? Even if it's only a penny cheaper per gallon, we're often overcome by rage. "How could I be so naive? Why didn't I keep looking?" With GasBuddy, you won't have to suffer through that feeling ever again. GasBuddy finds the closest gas stations near you and gives you their current prices for gasoline. For those of us pinching every penny, or those of us who simply value our hard-earned cash, this app is a great resource. It's available for all major smartphones.

Fuelly Gas Tracker:


iPhone - Android - Fuelly takes the idea of trying to save money on gas and looks at the long term. This app tracks your gas mileage over time, and calculates your fuel expenses. The data it collects is easily understood and displayed in intuitive reports and graphs. The social aspect of this app is what really separates it from something you could do yourself with a simple spreadsheet. Users can share their data, which is sortable by make and model of the vehicle. Compare your vehicle with other similar vehicles to make sure you're engines performing correctly, or just compare your personal results over time to make sure your engine maintains its optimal efficiency.

Waze GPS


iPhone - Android - Waze, purchased by Google in 2013 for nearly a billion dollars, brings a social aspect to mobile mapping software. You can use it as a simple turn-by-turn navigator, but one of the most popular features of this app is the ability to report speed traps in real time to warn other motorists. You can also warn fellow motorists about potential road hazards and traffic. It may be hard to share your own warnings if you're riding a motorcycle, but you can still benefit from other user warnings while riding.



iPhone - Android - Roadtrippers is great for planning a trip ahead of time, or you can use it on the go for impromptu pit stops. You can look for points of interest around you by category, and plan and create complete travel itineraries. A lot of the points of interest have rich descriptions and details such as photos, reviews, ratings, address, and phone number. This app was created by, and becomes even more useful when used in combination with the site. You can create itineraries on the site and sync them to the app, which is a handy tool. It has also integrated with Google maps so you can have turn-by-turn directions on as well.



iPhone - Currently only available for iPhone and iPad, EatSleepRide is striving to be the social media app for motorcycle riders. If you're far from home, you can view other users' submitted routes and favorite roads. Additionally, it records your speed, elevation, and lean angle. All of this data can be visualized after the ride and even replayed on the screen. The potential for this app is staggering, but it will really depend on how quickly it can grow, because like all social media driven products, it's only as valuable as the amount of people using it.



iPhone - Android - CurbNinja is another up and comer for motorcyclists. This app hopes to solve the eternal where-to-park dilemma faced by motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Using the app, you can search for safe and convenient places to park your bike. You can also tag and share your favorite parking spots that you find throughout your travels (if you're not feeling selfish). This app is new and still has a fairly small user base, but if more people started using this app it would become a very valuable tool for motorcycle riders everywhere, as it relies on crowdsourcing for its data acquisition.

Allstays Camp and RV


iPhone - Android - Nearly ten dollars seems like a lot for an app that merely provides you with campsite info, but this app is constantly updated and is great for finding camping sites throughout your journey. The app has a very large database of campsites and RV spots, sortable by features offered at the site such as price, elevation, user rating. They also incorporate both a map view and a text view, and utilize a powerful search and filter system.

Yahoo! Weather


iPhone - Android - Remember Yahoo! ? We're not talking about the delicious chocolate beverage. In the not too distant past there was a search before Google, called Yahoo! In an attempt to remain relevant, Yahoo! Rolled out a gorgeous weather app that is both simple and intuitive. It displays an image of your location with matching weather conditions, detailed 5-day forecasts, and highly interactive radar maps. While many weather apps these days tend to be overladen with features and data, Yahoo! kept it simple with clear and concise data. The decision to keep it simple resulted in a quick and simple interface, and avoided the often clunky experience that many of today's weather apps have.



iPhone - Android - We had to include at least one motorcycle related game to get you through those rainy days or boring meetings at work. This app offers impressive graphics, very smooth controls, and just plain addictive gameplay. The point of the game is to cruise through traffic without hitting any walls, cars, and of course, avoiding police officers or any other obstacles (sound familiar?). It's sort of like the arcade classic "Frogger" except you're a motorcyclist instead of a frog, and instead of crossing the street, you're cruising down it. And of course, no motorcycle game would be complete without an easily implemented wheelie, done by a simple tapping of the finger. It is available for both the android and apple platforms.

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